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Fast food – Yay or Nay?

Fast food is very popular nowadays, especially among young people. Burgers, two-minute noodles, KFC fried chicken and such other foods are all the rage now.

The main attraction of fast food is the taste of course. They are also easy to eat on the go, and so are very convenient. There is no gravy or liquid that needs a spoon and a plate. It is not messy. Often there is no need to wash one’s hand too.

Furthermore, at fast food restaurants such as KFC, McDonald’s or Jollibee, food is readymade and provided very fast. By the time you order and are seated at your place, the food is ready. Most of these fast-food joints are international, and they are available in most countries. When you go to a country where the cuisine is not to your liking, you would want to go to a KFC because you know what you can expect, and you are sure that what you eat will not upset your tummy.

Fast food is comparatively cheap too. A meal with vegetables and fish will cost more than a quick meal of fried chicken and rice. Therefore, one of the arguments of the proponents of fast food is that it is cheaper than regular meals.

It is perhaps no surprise that fast food restaurants are patronized more by young people rather than the middle-aged or elderly. One reason could be that with age, one is pickier about food, and may not like the never-changing taste of the KFC or such other fried chicken! The other reason could be that one gets more health-conscious with age, and would prefer meals that include vegetables and fish too, not just rice and chicken or burgers.

A common ingredient of fast food is fizzy drinks such as Coca-Cola or Pepsi or Sprite. Almost everyone knows that sugary sodas are not good for health. But that doesn’t stop anyone from having a quick Can of Cola on a hot day. It does not help that these drinks are heavily advertised, often by sports stars and movie stars.

Fast food of course has many detractors that include healthcare professionals. According to them fast food contains too much sodium and fat both of which in large amounts is not good for the heart and liver. Fast food also causes obesity. Apart from the food quality itself, the fact that someone would opt for fast food rather than home-cooked meals or wholesome meals from a restaurant signifies that this person may not be sticking to a healthy lifestyle.

The most worrying aspect of fast food is that it is highly addictive. Drinks such as Coca-Cola and food such as fried chicken can get a person addicted for life. Diabetes can be caused by a diet high in fast food. Despite such ill effects, fast food is still the favorite diet of a lot of people. The taste, convenience, cheap cost and good advertisements by celebrities make sure that the allure of fast food will not fade any time soon.

  • In the sentences below, one word is underlined. Which of the following words can replace the underlined word?
    a. Burgers, two-minute noodles and KFC fried chicken and such other food are all the rage now.
    1) Anger 2) excitement 3) arrogance 4) aggression
    b. Therefore, one of the arguments of the proponents of fast food is that it is cheap and healthy food is expensive.
    1) Opponents 2) detractors 3) supporters 4) opposers
  • Write a summary on the advantages and disadvantages of fast food in not more than 100 words. Use your own words as far as possible and use linking words such as also, however etc.

Answer Scheme

  • a. 2) excitement -- b. 3) supporters
  • Fast food is tasty and convenient. It is not messy. Furthermore, there is no need to wait for long time in the restaurant after food is ordered. Also, fast food chains like KFC are present in many countries. Fast food is cheaper than regular meals too. However, the detractors of fast food point out that there is high amounts of sodium in fast food which can potentially damage the liver and the heart. It can also cause obesity and diabetes. Fast food is also highly addictive and highly likely to be part of an unhealthy lifestyle.

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