International Short Story Contest for School Children 2019 #1 Results

It is with great pride that we announce the results of our prestigious short story competition 2019 #1. Hundreds of stories reached us from far and wide, on a variety of subjects ranging from overcoming personal trauma, to saving the environment. We congratulate the winners wholeheartedly.

Sub-junior Category Winners

First Prize Winner

Name: Siow Xuan Ting
Age: 9 years
School: Tao Nan School
Country: Singapore
Story Title: An Unusual Hike
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Siow Xuan Ting is an avid reader. She enjoys reading stories with good plots and interesting twists, which can engage her for hours. Her favourite books include 'Out of My Mind' and 'Copper Sun' by Sharon M Draper. She also loves animal stories like 'Charlotte’s Web' by EB White and books by Roald Dahl and David Walliams because of their wicked sense of humour. Her hobbies include dancing, cooking and writing short stories. She is passionate about playing the violin and piano. Siow aspires to be a paediatrician and writer.

Second Prize Winner

Name: Varun Satbhai
Age: 8 years
School: Jozefschool Wassenaar
Country: Netherlands
Story Title: Sakura and Lazar the Mouse
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Varun is Group 5 student of Sint Jozef school in the Netherlands. His hobbies are reading, writing, observing planets and gaming. Some of the books he has read are the Harry Potter series, The Old Curiosity Shop, The Story of Concorde, Death by Black Hole and so on. As he is interested in astronomy, robotics and game making, one day he wishes to build an intelligent rover. Varun also has a little sister, Sakura who is four and likes playing with her too.

Third Prize Winner

Name: Yahaya Abdullahi
Age: 9 years
School: St Mary's International Schools, Ilorin
Country: Nigeria
Story Title: Unbreakable
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Yahaya Abdullahi is a 9 year old who is a natural leader always eager to make an impression. When he grows up he wants to be a farmer so he can feed the world.

Junior Category Winners

First Prize Winner

Name: Mira Hanna
Age: 12 years
School: International School of Monza
Country: Italy
Story Title: The Enchanted Piano
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Mira is a Grade 8 student at the International School of Monza in Italy. Her passions are reading, writing, playing the piano and horse riding. She also loves to sing, act and explore the natural sciences. One of her favourite authors is Roald Dahl. She finds it incredible how he could transform such simple ideas into creative and original stories that are like no other. Her inspiration for this story came from her antique piano, which gives her warm emotions every time she plays it.

Second Prize Winner

Name: Aditeya Goyal
Age: 11 years
School: Delhi Public School, Sector - 40/C, Chandigarh
Country: India
Story Title: The Incident that Changed Me
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Aditeya is an intelligent boy with an all-rounder personality. He loves to read and write his own stories. He is always ready to help others. He is an ABACUS genius and a karate kid too. His hobbies include dancing, singing and playing keyboard. He is a passionate learner who can express himself admirably. Aditeya aspires to become an automobile engineer and settle in Germany.

Third Prize Winner

Name: Reham Iftikhar
Age: 10 years
School: International School of Pakistan
Country: Kuwait
Story Title: The New Light
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Being a young imaginative child, Reham Iftikhar is a natural writer and is interested in writing beautiful stories as well as poems. She is a topper in the International Benchmark Test (ACER exam) in English and is awarded a Certificate of Honour as well as a shield to acknowledge her great achievement. Her readiness to learn has made many people proud. Her favorite book is ‘Anne of Green Gables’ by L.M. Montgomery. She is also inspired by Enid Blyton for her short stories. David Almond, Johanna Spyri and Frances Hodgsen Burnett are some of her favourite authors.

Senior Category Winners

First Prize Winner

Name: Emily Barker
Age: 14 years
School: ELTHAM College
Country: Australia
Story Title: The Hidden Sun
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Emily is a year 9 student at ELTHAM College. Emily loves reading all types of books, she is currently reading the ‘Gone’ series and loves it. Her favourite book at the moment is ‘1984’ by George Orwell. Emily is also an avid fan of Harry Potter. She loves writing and earned a spot in ‘Oz Kids in Print’ November 2016 edition with her creative writing piece called ‘Harry’s Story’. She plays lots of basketball, is a Black Belt in Taekwondo and has been playing the piano for 8 years. Emily is rather obsessed with musical theatre as well, she loves being onstage and backstage. Most of her inspiration and motivation for stories comes from things happening in the world today.

Second Prize Winner

Name: Fathima Valliyangal
Age: 13 years
School: Sunrise English Private School
Country: UAE
Story Title: Unique
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Fathima Valliyangal is a student of grade 8 studying in Sunrise English private school, Abu Dhabi, UAE. She enjoys creative writing and also loves writing poems. A number of her poems had been published in various magazines and newspapers. She loves reading fictions, thriller stories and also likes dystopian genre of stories. Her favorite series are the Percy Jackson and also the Heroes of Olympus series and her favorite author is Rick Riordan. She aspires to become a phycologist, a novelist and a poet in the future. All her inspiration comes from books and her surroundings.

Third Prize Winner

Name: Belma Sevim
Age: 13 years
School: Milli Eğitim Vakfı Koleji
Country: Turkey
Story Title: You Can Only Be Successful as Yourself
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Belma Sevim was born in Ukraine, but spent most of her life in New York, Belgium and now Turkey. She enjoys dancing and music which is where the idea for the subject of her story came from. She became interested in the concept of how fame affects people’s personality and lives after hearing many singers talk about feeling pressured to change themselves. In the future she hopes to continue traveling and wants to have a job that lets her show her creative side. She will try her best to write more stories as well.

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