Story Contest 2018 #1 - Outstanding Stories (Sub-junior) » Brave Haykal and the Kind Lion

“Brave Haykal and the Kind Lion” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Ehan Al-Karim Rajabali, Al Muntazir Boys Primary School, Tanzania.

Brave Haykal and the Kind Lion

“O God, please help me” Haykal shouted as he raised his hands towards the sky while he was weeping and tears rolling down his pink cheeks.

Suddenly a lion appeared in front of Haykal, he got really scared and gradually he calmed down as the lion approached him very softly with an innocent expression on his face. Haykal thought “Thank you God for sending someone to help me get out of this jungle”. The lion came closer to Haykal and sat beside him to show that he would not harm him.

Haykal told the lion that he had come to the National Park with his family. All of them were enjoying in the park. Suddenly, Haykal saw a very nice and colorful butterfly and started to follow it in the jungle. He went deeper and deeper and lost his way back to his family. He asked the lion “Can you please help me to get back with my family?” The lion felt very sad for the little boy and he replied “Yes I will but I am very thirsty, can we look for some water first”? Both of them agreed and started walking in search of water.

After walking for long time, they saw a flowing river. As they were approaching the bank of the river, a dangerous python appeared, dancing happily and singing “Today I will have a wonderful feast as I have a healthy lion and a scary little boy! Ha ha hhaaaa”. Haykal and the lion looked at each other and decided to face the python. Haykal whispered into the lion’s ear and they were now ready to confuse the python. Haykal had learnt in school that snakes have poor sight and that is why they stick out their tongues for sensing their surroundings.

The lion moved forward and said “Eat me first”. The python moved close to the lion saying “Alright, very well, let me start with you”. The python opened his mouth to aim the lion, as his mouth came closer, the lion stepped aside and the python swallowed a big rock! Immediately the brave Haykal splashed sand on the python’s eyes and jumped on the lion’s back. The lion started running as fast as he could and crossed the river to the other side.

They stopped, had water and started walking. Shortly Haykal saw his father and called out “Dad is here” and he saw his mom too, as they were all looking for their lost son. They hugged and kissed him, he also told them how kind the lion was to him and all that happened. Haykal’s parents appreciated the kind lion for helping and making their son so courageous.

The kind lion went back to the jungle as he had his family waiting somewhere and Haykal went back home with his happy family and good memories of the kind lion.

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