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The Secret House

“The Secret House” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Sora Sato, Shonan International School, Japan.

The Secret House

Mio, Hana, and I were going home. It was night of lightning, with loud sound, rain, and cold wind blowing hard. So we went inside a house that was in front of the park. Mio, Hana, and I felt safe inside, but suddenly. . . “Bang!”, the door closed. The door was locked, we tried to open, but it didn’t open, then we heard someone is laughing “Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!”

“Who is that?” Hana and I said at the same time in a surprised voice. “I don’t know” Mio answered normally. Then Mio screamed very loud “Aaaah!” “What!?” Hana, and I asked. “This is my old house!” Mio yelled out loud. “Whaaaaat!” Said Hana, and I. Then, I saw a butler! He came to us. That butler was my grandpa! I shouted very loud “Yaaaaaaaa!” “What happen!?” Mio asked. “He is my grandpa!” I said. “What!? Mio and Hana said in a confused voice. The butler continued to follow us.

We whispered, so the butler could not hear us talking. We went to look for food, but found a tea pot. Hana opened the tea pot . . . “Haaa” “Yaaaaa!” . . . Hana fell forward with her face down, and bumped her head. When Mio, and I looked up, there was . . . a Ghost! That ghost took Hana’s hand and pulled her inside the teapot. “Oh nooooooooooo!” Mio, and I yelled. “What are we going to do?” I said panicking. “I don’t know.” cried Mio.

“Let's find food first.” I said “Ok.” Mio agreed.

There were stairs that was broken and I was too scared to go down them, so Mio went first. Mio fell down, and I went to check for her. There was Hana, but Mio was gone. Hana said “Hi” and I said “Hi” back, why are you here?” I questioned Hana. “Because I’m here.” Hana answered. “Where is Mio?” I asked. “I’m here!” Mio yelled. “What, who is that?” I asked. Than we heard Mio’s voice “Help meeeeeeeeeeeee!” Hana said “I can hear Mio’s voice, but I can’t see her!” “Me too!” I said. “Where are youuuuuu!?” Hana, and I screamed. Then, “I’m hereeeeeee!” Mio yelled. “Where!?” I asked. Mio yelled “I’m next to Hanaaaaaaaa!”, so Hana checked around her.

Then she found that there was a very small Mio! “Are you Mio!?” I yelled. “Yes, I am Mio!” Mio screamed. “Are you sure?” Hana asked. “Yes! Are you sure you are Hana!?” Mio yelled. “Yes!” Hana yelled back. “You may talk if you want to, but I will go first to find food.” I said. “What!? We need to find food, a room, and something to drink!” Hana, and I said. “Because I’m small! Help me!” Mio yelled. “Ok!” Hana agreed. “Thank you.”said Mio.

We went up the stairs very slowly, so it wouldn’t break. Then there were three rooms we found. Hana opened the first room . . . “Bang!” Hana fell down. Then dust flew away, Mio, and I closed our eyes, and when we opened our eyes after dust was gone, Hana had disappeared. “Yaaaaaaaaa!” Mio screamed. “ What!? Again Hana is gone!” I yelled. “What is happening!?” Mio yelled.

“Let’s open the second room.” I said. “Ok. . .” Mio said, so we walked to next room. “Can I open the door?” I asked. “Yes.” Mio answered. I opened the door . . . “Oh it’s my room.” I said in a normal voice. “What!? Are you not surprised?” Mio asked. “I’m not! Because the 1st room was Hana’s room, so if the 2nd room is my room, the 3rd room is your room.” I said. “Really!?” Mio asked. “Do you want to open 3rd door?” I asked Mio. “Yes. . .” Mio said, so we went to the next room, and Mio open the door, “Bang!” “Miiiooooo!?” I screamed in a very loud voice. Mio had fallen face down just like Hana did. Then a small ball came down from the ceiling. “Bang!” Smoke went everywhere! “Mio!” I screamed. “After the smoke went away Mio was gone. I was very scared, because now I was alone.

I thought about what had happened from the first thing that happened, and I had forgotten about the butler. “Butler!” I shouted. I looked around, but there were no butler. Then there on floor was an apple. I ate it. I went, and checked downstairs to look for more food, but there were ghosts and I fell down the stairs back first, and bumped my head on the stairs. I close my eyes. My eyes became dark, and black.

When I opened my eyes . . . I was outside. Also, Mio, and Hana were there! I asked “Where is the house!?” “House!? What are you talking about!?” Hana, and Mio said. I look around, and there was no house. Also, Mio, and Hana had forgotten about the house, so I felt fine, because the house were gone, and we could go home. I went home to Tsujido, Hana went home to Chigasaki, and Mio went home to Chiba. I was worried, because with a car, it will take about 2 hours to arrive Chiba. We met our parents, and went home. We had many sacred things happen, but when we went home, we could forget about that scary house.

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