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Scooby- The little PUP

“Scooby- The little PUP” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Gargie, India.

Scooby- The little PUP

One day a girl called Jiya was playing in her garden with her two pet cats named, Timpu and Dimpu. They were too naughty, they played a lot together, when sun was to set they were playing with their ball and the ball went into bushes. There she saw an injured puppy, his one leg was bleeding, as Jiya lifted him up and said,”don’t worry I will take care of you”. The puppy barked slowly. She took it in her house, she put bandage on his injured leg with the help of her papa. At night she gave her favorite quilt to him. Next morning she woke up excitedly to look what puppy is doing? The puppy licked her hand while dancing his tail happily.

Now daily before Jiya’s school bus comes to pick her, she was giving one slice of bread and his favorite pedigree to him. She named it “Scooby” as it was spotted. And when Jiya comes back from school Timpu, Dimpu and Scooby played with their ball. Jiya used to throw the ball and all of them run behind it to bring it back to Jiya. They enjoyed it a lot. Once Jiya called her friends to her house for a party, her friends enjoyed playing with them they clicked photo with her pets.

Due to too much of naughtiness of all three of them, her parents told to Jiya “we are leaving any one of our pets to Ram uncles home. Who will you choose?” Jiya said “No, I don’t want to leave any one as all are my friends”. Papa said “look Jiya, we will not leave Scooby on streets, but we will keep it with Ram uncle who lives in our village home and he will take a good care of him. We will have a visit over there often and on any Sunday we can meet Scooby. Sadly, Jiya said “OK Papa”.

In coming summer holidays Jiya, her Parents and Scooby went by their car to the village. While going, they made planning that they will go to a lake and a hill near their village. On the way they found a huge mango tree loaded with full of juicy mangos, which Scooby likes a lot. Scooby ran and ran and ran to reach the tree. He tried climbing on it. But he can’t as he was so small. Jiya said to Papa “Papa I want to help Scooby to reach the mangos, how can I do that?” Papa said “I will climb the tree”. Then he climbed the tree and plucked some juicy mangos. Jiya said “Hmm yummy…. It will be so interesting to eat the mangos”. Scooby too danced his tail.

They reached the village in the afternoon. Then in the evening they went to their picnic spots at lake with uncle and Scooby too. They drank Orange juice and Vanilla cup cakes. After some time she saw a little rabbit running and passing through. She ran behind the rabbit and lost her way back. She called out “Mummy Papa where are you?” She screamed a lot that I am lost. “Is there anyone hearing me?” She was wandering her way out. She was so scared and was thinking about her parents. “Oh God I lost my way” She said. Suddenly she heard something, and that was something she hears every day. Her dear Scooby’s voice. Jiya was very happy to as she saw Scooby. Her parents were at backside of the lake and Jiya was on other side. Scooby could able to find her by using her sense of smell. He pulled her frock and they both found their way towards mummy and papa. Jiya told how she was lost behind the rabbit and how she was scared. She also told that how Scooby got her and they found their way back. Her parents hugged her happily and said “Oh my dear daughter, where was you?? Thank God, you are with us now”.

After words her mom picked up Scooby and said “Thank you my little Pup. You saved our little girl”. Jiya told to her papa “Now we will keep Scooby with us only” Papa smiled and said “Sure Dear”. Jiya picked up Scooby and happily went to her home.

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