“Christmas Gift” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Shirsha Banerjee, Apeejay school, Salt Lake, India.

Christmas Gift

Kate and David asked their parents, “This time what we will get from Santa?” Ashley, their mom said”, “We will decorate the Christmas tree and I will make cakes and muffins for you at home.” Five year old Kate started weeping. To console Kate, Matt, their dad said -“both of you will get gifts from Santa”.

To buy some daily groceries, Ashley went to the market. Ashley was walking unmindfully, thinking how to buy Christmas gifts for the children. As she came in front of a toy shop, she was feeling sad as poverty stopped her from buying Christmas gifts for her children. In the shop, there was an old woman who was watching Ashley. She came to Ashley and asked, “What happened my child, why are you looking so upset?” Ashley tried to hide her sadness but finally broke down in front of that old woman. “Go home my child, all your wishes will be fulfilled…” said the old woman. Suddenly the old woman disappeared and a fairy appeared. The fairy said to Ashley, “Through my magical touch your poverty will be vanished and your life will be filled with wealth, prosperity and happiness. One thing you must remember, every alternate day you have to bring a white rose for me from your garden.”

In the wink of an eye, everything changed in Ashley’s life. Their shabby house turned into a beautiful villa. All of their wishes were satisfied, there was no sign of poverty. Every alternate day, Ashley brought white rose from her garden to that fairy.

One morning Ashley found that there were no white roses in their garden. Remembering the words of the fairy she was afraid. She bought a white rose from the florist and gave it to the fairy. When she came back home, she found that old shabby house and poverty was back in their life. The fairy appeared and said to Ashley, “I asked you to bring white rose from your garden. But, today you bought the rose from a florist and gave it to me. You have cheated me. As punishment, I will take away your children.”Ashley pleaded before the fairy, but she was stubborn. “You never told me that you will take away my children if I failed to give you white rose from my garden. You told me partial truth. You have also cheated me. You have to perform the tasks that I will assign to you. Before completing the tasks, you cannot take away my children” – said Ashley to the fairy. The fairy agreed. Ashley asked her to bathe the horse in the stable, named Zodie. The fairy approached the Zodie with a bucket and sponge. Zodie who hated being touched with water became furious and kicked the fairy. Due to internal injury the fairy died. With her death, died greed and temptation. Ashley and her family lived happily in their shabby old house and were satisfied with what they have.

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