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Little Lulu And His Lovely Island

“Little Lulu And His Lovely Island” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Mithun Karthi R, CSI Ewarts higher secondary School, India.

Little Lulu And His Lovely Island

It was a calm and happy island which was fully covered by thick forest. Lots and lots of coconut trees were there, which was the main source of income. All the children used to play and they could easily climb the coconut trees. They gave some weight in coconut tree and tie it with a rope and finally cut that rope and jump from one tree to another tree.

There was a boy named Lulu who was smart with good knowledge and helping tendency. He has strong will power and confidence and he used to pluck all the coconut from the trees and helped others but his parents were died within few years after his birth. He was a pet child of everybody in that island. One day some strangers entered their island and they planned to get some treasures from there but Lulu accidentally saw they were hiding in the island. Then he alerted everybody to come and scare those strangers and make them to get out of their island but they unfortunately left the treasure map. Lulu found the treasure map and found all the treasures.

Lulu being generous helped others by giving some diamonds and rubies on every ones birthday and helped the poor and sick people. Usually he used to ride a boat to nearby town to get the necessary items by selling his coconut. One day, Lulu saw some children carrying bags and books he surprised to see and followed them. Lulu found the children's were getting knowledge from the school and they were very knowledgeable. So he followed them every day to learn and improve his knowledge soon he learned a lot and he too became educated by observing others. Finally Lulu decided to build a school and make his island children’s also educated.

Lulu built the school with the treasure money and asked some teachers from the town to come to his island but they refused. At last one teacher accepted to come there. Lulu built a new house for that teacher. Then she started to educate the children in the whole island and he too learned from that teacher. After ten years, he too become a master and the island became a developed one and the people started to accomplish their own needs and invent many things. Lots of people started to migrate to that island and now it is turned into a developed island city. That’s all because of that hardworking, brave and intelligent Lulu with his strong will power and confidence.

Moral: From this story, we can understand that one with strong will power, confidence, helping tendency and unity, can make a new world.

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