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Pinku's Igloo

“Pinku's Igloo” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Vaishak Pradeep, Global Indian International School, Singapore.

Pinku's Igloo

Tom was a 9 year old boy studying at Townsville Primary School. He was fond of penguins. His favorite cartoon was “Pinku”. One day, his science teacher taught about “Global warming and how to prevent it”. The teacher told them to use fan instead of air conditioners, walk or cycle to school or other places, save the water by turning off the tap while brushing teeth, use toys and games which don’t need electricity etc. Tom agreed to the teacher that he will start doing things to prevent “Global warming; but, he never did it.

One night, Tom had a dream. He was at the arctic. Tom was delighted to see Pinku playing in the snow. Pinku said ‘Come along with me. I will take you home to meet my family”. Pinku took him to his igloo and Tom met Pinku’s Dad, Mum and little brother “Tintu”. Tom noticed that Pinku’s igloo was melting and water was dripping from the roof. He asked Pinku “What is going on?” Pinku said “You humans have been causing this global warming. This will melt our homes, arctic ice and flood the entire earth!” Tom gasped “Ohno! No one will survive!” Suddenly, Tom spotted huge floods coming towards Pinku’s igloo. Suddenly, Tom fell into the flood and drowned.

Fortunately, it was a dream. Tom woke up from sleep screaming with full of fear. He decided to do things to prevent global warming. Next day morning, Tom talked to his friends about his dream. They formed a group called “Love our Globe “at the school. They started making posters to teach other students about global warming. They even started making activities for everyone! From then on, everyone started joining their group and they all learned how to prevent global warming.

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