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Elizabeth the Doll

“Elizabeth the Doll” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Yasmeen Alysha Binti Muzaffar Syah, Sri KDU Primary School, Malaysia.

Elizabeth the Doll

Mariana’s uncle came back from London and brought her a gift. The gift was a beautiful doll named Elizabeth. The doll could walk, talk and run. “Remember to keep it safe or it will run away!” said Mariana’s uncle. “There’s no such thing uncle!” said Mariana. Her uncle told her to share the doll and treat her kindly. “Oh, but I can’t share her! She’s too beautiful.” Cried Mariana.

“Oh Elizabeth. I can’t believe what my uncle said. I think he’s just fooling around.” Said Mariana to the doll. Mariana took care of the doll nicely just like the uncle wanted her to do. Elizabeth felt very lucky to live with Mariana.

Elizabeth changed her mind during tea started. Mariana was rude to her friends when she invited them to tea. She undid Alan’s tie, pulled Katie’s hair and tore Amy’s dress. “How could you Mariana?” They shouted to her. “ How bad this child is I shall have to run away if she keeps doing this!” thought Elizabeth.

Mariana and her friends went to the nursery to play. “Oh that doll looks so beautiful, Mariana.” Said Katie. “I know. Her name’s Elizabeth! She can walk, talk and run!” boasted Mariana. “Come here little Elizabeth!” said Amy. Alan twisted the key to make Elizabeth walk. When Elizabeth walked to Katie’s leg, Mariana snatched the doll. “ Stop it! You have no right to touch my precious doll!” screamed Mariana.

When it was time for them to have tea, Mariana took the doll. The doll sat between Alan and Mariana. “Remember Mariana look after your guests!” said Mariana’s mother. “Oh they can take care of themselves Mum!” Mariana rolled her eyes. Mariana helped herself to five chocolate buns, three ginger pops and a glass of lemonade juice.

“Oh dear, half of the food is gone! I thought I cooked a whole meal for you and your friends Mariana. How did you manage to finish half of the food!” scolded Mariana’s mother. Mariana hung her head. Mariana apologized and acted nice when her mother was there but when she went out of the room she said, “Alright everybody all of these food is mine and you can’t eat a single crumb or drink a drop of this lemonade!”

Elizabeth started to get mad. She decided to play a little trick on Mariana. “Oh look at this greedy little pig. She’s going to be so fat after she finishes all the food and drink.” teased Elizabeth. Mariana became furious. “Who said that? ” asked Mariana furiously. The friends shook their heads. The doll continued to talk, “ Oh dear, look at this fussy girl. Why can’t she just be nice to her friends?” said Elizabeth. Mariana became angry and shouted,” Mum they said bad things about me! I’m pretty sure Alan said that I was fat and Katie said that I was mean and Amy said that I was a fussy girl! Oh Mum, I don’t want them for tea anymore!” shouted Mariana.

I don’t think your friends would say such things.” Said Mariana’s mother. “ I hate all of you!” shouted Mariana. “ Wait Mariana. I think the doll said all those things!” said Katie. Mariana said she didn’t believe Katie and she snatched the doll and went upstairs. “You were quite a racket down there with all your shouting. You nearly made my ears bleed!” complained the doll. Mariana was surprised and said,” Well if you really can talk, then you must say good things about me!” Elizabeth disagreed. “That’s it I’m going to tear all of your clothes then I’m going to brush your hair and hit you with a brush four times.” Scolded Mariana.

Elizabeth managed to escape because the door was open. She ran down the stairs and Mariana chased after her. “Stop her!” Shouted Mariana. Alan managed to block Mariana. “Thanks Alan!” said Elizabeth. Elizabeth saw that the gate was opened and ran outside. Luckily she found a new home and a nice owner.

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