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Anu the Astronaut

“Anu the Astronaut” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Vidhushi Bhatt, Oakridge International school, Bangalore, India.

Anu the Astronaut

Once there lived a curious girl named Anu in a small village of India. She had a passion to learn about universe, she wished to be an astronaut and spend rest of her life in exploring the universe. She used to read books related to space and her family was very supportive in helping her to explore more about space and doing small experiments.

One day in school, Anu heard about “Super Blue Blood moon”, she had the curiosity to learn more about it. That day when she reached backhome, she said “Mom what does Super Blue Blood moon mean?”. Her Mom replied “it is an incredible combination of three events. Super moon is when there are two full moons in a month, Blue moon-when moon is closer to earth in its orbit and when this super blue moon passes through Earth’s shadow, it takes a reddish tint which is known as blood moon. Her Mom told “Anu today is that big day and you are lucky to view this incredible combination”. Anu was super excited and she spent rest of her evening in desire to see the miracle in the evening. She went to the terrace with her family to enjoy the miraculous view.

Out of excitement that night Anu had a dream, where she dreamt herself in Astronaut dress in space, landing on planet Moon. She was jumping with joy and hardly could feel the gravity pulling her down. She had lots of fun and in the morning, she woke up and told what happened in the dream to her parents.

She expressed desire to read more books on space and her parents supported. Slowly she began to develop more interest towards space and universe.

Anu grew as the time passed, she was determined to pursue her dream, completed her studies in astronomy did the stressful course and tough training to become an astronaut.

After some years she became an astronaut and visited the space in a rocket.

Moral: Working hard towards your goal, gets you near to your dreams. Right practice makes a man perfect.

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