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Duck on Board!

“Duck on Board!” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Ruby Paige Anderson, Banksia Beach Independent School, Bribie Island, Australia.

Duck on Board!

Once there was a ship and it had a duck. Now let me tell you the story of the duck on board. The ship once went sailing and found a duck. "Yummy," said Bruce, the leader of the crew. "David, head to that duck!" said Bruce. David steered the ship to the duck. "Get the duck quick, do you want to eat or not!" said Bruce.

"Yes we do," said Connor with the anchor in his hand.

"Well help then."

"Yes we will," said Connor.

They got the duck on board. But wait, the duck quacked for ages. So what did the pirates do? Well, they had no gun to shoot it with so they let him go!

So they had no supper that day. The next time they got a duck they tried to remember the gun, but they didn't. The third time they brought the gun but no bullets and when the duck was on board he stood on David and said, "Man I hate drifting around here, can you give me a lift to a lake or an island?" So they took him to a lake. When they got there, Bruce knew next time to leave the ducks floating in the water. So that's what they did the fourth time, but it was too late some more ducks came out of nowhere and attacked the pirates. That was the last of the pirates and they were never seen again, which was good for the ducks because they didn't want to die. They sailed on the old ship to a tropical island and found beautiful leaves on a tree. They slept under the tree with the beautiful leaves. They lived their life happily until a rich girl came out of the trees and hopped on the boat to sail to her own island. She got lots of food but she was sick of getting only frogs. The next week she caught lots of fish on her island but her favourite thing to eat was eels. She missed the ducks even though she hated them because they sailed to her old island that she liked quiet. But the ducks were too loud. So she went to a different island that was all nice and quiet. Now she likes it but it was lonely. So, she brought the ducks to her island and they lived happily ever after for the rest of their lives.

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