Story Contest 2018 #1 - Outstanding Stories (Sub-junior) » The Fox And The Bird

“The Fox And The Bird” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Ali Kamal Sheriff, Tanzania.

The Fox And The Bird

Once upon a time a thin, hungry fox strolled around the dark forest. He looked around with sly, green eyes. His gaze fell upon a large birch tree. A noisy squawking call came from the top of the tree. The fox looked Up, a magnificent nest with twelve young chicks and two happy parents.

You could describe them as the happiest parents on earth. They screamed with terror when they saw the fox. The fox grinned and you could see that there was a plan brewing in his small but clever brain. ‘Hello my fine feathered Friends, congratulations. The birds just stared dumbfounded .Then the father spoke up ‘How do we know you are our friend.” He asked cautiously. This infuriated the fox beyond doubt. He leaped and jumped at the tree snarling and snapping.

He shouted at the family ‘Throw your chicks down. I’m hungry so give me something to eat now or I will climb up and eat your chicks. The mother suddenly thought of a marvelous plan. She called down to him ‘Do you mind if we give you any other food apart from our chicks’, She asked him hopefully. The fox considered it for a while. Then he said ‘alright, alright, but make it quick.’ The mother flew off as fast as she could. The fox galloped after her.

She led him to a man selling bread on the street. She told the fox ‘here is your food’. The fox killed the man in one blow. Then he greedily gobbled up as many loaves as he could. She left him eating and went back to her nest. They went to sleep quickly as they all were tired.

The next day they woke to find the fox at their tree once again. I am thirsty now. He said ‘I need to drink. So the mother took him to a man selling honey on the street. He did the same thing as last time. Just as the mother was about to go home, he told her that he wanted entertainment now. She was furious. She took him to the hounds hunting ground and told him to close his eyes. Of course, when the hounds came they ripped him to pieces.

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