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The Powerfull Woman

“The Powerfull Woman” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Laila Hany Jaber Hashad, Kuwait English School, Kuwait.

The Powerfull Woman

Once upon a time there lived a woman called Celina. She was a pretty and truthful woman. Her eyes were as blue as the sky. Her lips were as red as blood. She had a comely and loyal daughter named Matilda. The eyes of Matilda were as brown as chocolate and her skin was as white as snow. They were very beautiful ladies that lived with each other; everyone in their village liked them.

One day Matilda got very ill and couldn’t do anything except sleeping. Celina was worried about Matilda so she decided to go to the doctor and ask him for a potion for Matilda.

In the morning Celina went to doctor Dormouse (who drank jellyfish juice) bleh!?!?

"Hello Madam, what's your emergency?" asked Dr. Dormouse.

"Emergency! It's much more than that. It’s a disaster!! My precious daughter is in danger!" screamed Celina worriedly.

Rushly the doctor went to Celina's house with his jellyfish juice to check Matilda's case.

"Oh, I see she has been cursed by a terrible witch called Malusha, you have to bring her 200ml of water from the Dasderito River and add to it some lemon , some butter and some milk whether she likes it or not before midnight. After that you have to go to Malusha and try to beat her.'' Explained the doctor.

''How do you know Mr. Smarty pants you don’t know all about history! Do you?" asked Celina

''Madam, I am a doctor and not a stupid old boy. If you want me to help your young girl, then you have to obey my orders or else you may not have a daughter. So what do you say?"The doctor chatted smartly.

"Alright but where Malusha's house is and where is the Dasderito River?" asked Celina.

"They are in the Disney forest. I have never been to Disney land and that is all I know about the Disney forest so you have to find out. See you later if you will even be able to survive" said the doctor carelessly as Celina went to Disney forest worriedly. The path was very rough and was as smelly as an old fish that's been in the same car for 20000000, 9999990 years?!?! Bleh! And the weather was 80oc and never changes except for every 100 years a time. There was only 9% gravity and there were 2540 lakes and the tree planted coins and every insect loved dancing and singing. There was a livid lamp in every lake.

Celina marched through the pass with fear and watched all the unfamiliar, crazy stuff.

Everything looked as if she was in a dream never discovered. Celina founded a pair of shoes size 40 so she dragged it to her fancy bag feeling she might find its owner and carried on marching. After a while she found a boy lying on a broken tree.

"What are you doing young man?" asked Celina.

"Nobody wants me in my village" answered the boy sadly.

"What is your name?" questioned Celina.

"My name is Pinocchio. What is your name? And what do you want?" replayed Pinocchio.

"My name is Celina and I was wondering if you are okay." Explained Celina.

"I am okay, but why you are here Celina?" Wondered Pinocchio.

Celina told the story from the beginning to the end and asked him if he can help her to find the Disney forest. Pinocchio agreed and started marching side to side.

When they arrived to Disney forest they started looking for Dasderito River. While they are looking they found a 9 year old girl that sat beside a rock and looked board .

"Hello, are you lost?" asked Pinocchio.

"No I finished my chores but I am board, and I am not allowed to get in my house until bedtime. Can you help me?" replied the girl.

"What is your name?" asked Celina.

"My name is Alice what is your name and what got you here?" Answered Alice.

Pinocchio told her their names and started to explain for her why they are in the forest and what they are looking for. Alice felt sorry for Celina's daughter and decided to help them to find Dasderito River. Then they rushed to the river excitedly.

As soon as they arrived to Dasderito River they took 200 ml of water and gave it to Celina.

At the same time there was a dog with a red bow on his neck, wearing glasses and reading a book beside the river. Alice, Celina and Pinocchio went to the dog to see if he knows anything about Malusha.

"Good morning, sir what is your name?" asked Alice.

"Good morning young lady my name is Peabody, what is your name and why are you searching for Malusha?" replayed Mr. Peabody smartly.

"How did you know that we are looking for Malusha" asked every one surprisingly.

"Excuse me I am a clever dog with glasses, expert in everything and I can help you. By the way good thing you have Malusha's valued shoes. You are very smart and powerful lady to come here." answered Mr. Peabody

Everyone stared without taking a single breath.

Without waiting for an answer Mr. Peabody started to explain how he noticed everything.

"First of all everyone comes her to take water from this river then go to try to search for Malusha to kill her, and about the shoes Malusha is the only one who wears popup shoes and because your bag is so full I can see the shoes' shape from here." Explained Mr. Peabody.

Everyone except Mr. Peabody felt embarrassed because they didn't realise so clear stuff.

And soon they set off to Malusha's Location. Her house was a big creepy place which looked like an evil witch's house. It also smelled like a stinky boot and on top of the house was malusha's picture with an evil smile on her creepy face.

Inside the house there was many oompa loompas that are a bit like malusha's maid and they never stop working. Malusha is so evil that she ordered them to bake 94 cakes with Malusha's face printed out every day. She never stops talking about how beautiful she is.

"Malusha please remove the curse on my daughter. She is very sick and she is my only child if anything happen to her I will die after her" begged Celina.

"No no no you have to go away from my sight right now, I can do whatever I want with anybody. No one has the right way to stop me." Shouted Malusha.

Mr. Peabody thought as hard as his brain can and thought of an idea.

"All you have said is right but not in this situation because we have your precious popup shoes and if you want it you have to remove every curse you have ever done." Mr. Peabody Bravely said.

"All right give me my shoes first then I will remove all my curses." Saied Malusha.

Mr. Peabody knew that she was up to something.

"No, Malusha first remove every curse with saying that you will never ever will do a curse on anybody in the whole wide world through your entire life in the end of you spell" commanded quickly Mr. Peabody.

Malusha sadly agreed and made the spell with the exact sentence that Mr. Peabody said.

At the end Celina kindly gave Malusha her popup shoes and went back to her village where her daughter is laying on the bed doing nothing.

Celina quickly mixed all ingredients together and gave it to her poor daughter. Matilda finally wakes up and kissed her mother.

Every one became so happy because Matilda had finally wake up and Celina offered Mr. Peabody, Alice and Pinocchio to live with them so they became a member of the family and lived happily ever after.

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