Story Contest 2018 #1 - Outstanding Stories (Sub-junior) » Killer Clown

“Killer Clown” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Cherry, British International School, Vietnam.

Killer Clown

One moment the huge, magical room was loud. Hush, the next quick split second, the room was quieter than wind ! Everyone was invited to a terrifying magic show. The bright curtains slowly opened. A creepy clown explained about the magic show while everyone was mesmerized, because the creepy clown had a big dark secret...The automatic lights suddenly switched off, leaving the eerie room into darkness…

“Who dares to volunteer?” asked the clown in the weirdest way possible.

“Me! Please pick me! Pick me!”Shouted a girl called Liz in the back of row 7. As rude as ever the clown shouted

“QUICK! slowpoke!”Liz seemed unhappy but, she still walked on the cracking stage patiently. The clown had a mischievous grin on his ugly face painted, face. Liz could feel an unnatural sense, she could feel something cracking on her neck. Now Liz really regretted what she did and how she wanted to volunteer with all her heart, just to do this stupid, creepy magic trick. Then some intense, red blood started dripping down from the pattern magic box, as the revolting clown cut through and it’s a good time to reveal the big dark secret…

“Ha ha ha!” the clown laughed wickedly. Everyone suddenly turned as green as an apple.

“HELP!” cried Liz while she was in the magic box. Another beautiful girl called Annie sneaked out of the room, as quiet as a mouse, so no one could hear her, but OOPS! The giant doors were locked

“YOU KILLED HER!” exclaimed Annie.

“But it was an accident” replied the clown looking like he lied.

“Then why is there blood huh?” asked Annie seriously. Without warning! The clown killed Liz in a split second.

“That’s it I’m calling 911” Shouted Annie

“It’s an accident!” shouted the clown, but he thought to himself

“Hope they believe me, although I did it on purpose.”


“We're here” said the police crew.

“Who’s the criminal?” asked Sheryl, the main crew member police.

“THAT CLOWN AHHH!” screamed fearless Annie. The police ran straight into action.

“I’m innocent. You believe her?”The clown lied like it was true. The whole police crew didn’t believe him, except for the new police member Lewis Menzies. The dumbest one Bosco Oscar said, “That guy is a tiger! Ahhhh” After he said that the best member of all times Cherry Huynh rolled her eyes. They arrested the clown, while Lewis Menzies was crying “Noooo he’s innocent” Which means everyone was saved as well as the day.

After all the terrible things happened they didn’t care about Liz’s dead body. They just left everything behind leaving the circus abandoned. No one was ever invited to a magic show again. After years, and years the circus disappeared and no one ever saw it again. Some people did try looking for the circus where it was before but it wasn’t there and all the people that went looking for it went missing and were never found again. A Lot of people made a theory that if you go back to that circus, the ghost will haunt you to death. But the rest of the people just thought that the circus got shut down by someone and everything was fine again, but everyone was wrong with their theories. To be continued...

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