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Malet, the Magical Gnome

“Malet, the Magical Gnome” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Sumair Sidhanshu Chopra, Raghubir Singh Junior Modern School, New Delhi, India.

Malet, the Magical Gnome

There were two children named Lily and Amelia. They were sisters. They knew a magical gnome named Malet. Nobody knew that he was their neighbor. He led them to magical lands. One day at midnight, Malet entered the girls’ bedroom through their bedroom window. Malet tapped Lily’s shoulder to wake her up. “AAhhh!” screamed Lily and woke up. “Hey, it’s me!” said Malet softly. “Why are you whispering?” asked Lily. “Because I don’t want to wake up your parents”, replied Malet. “Hey” said a familiar voice. They turned and saw Amelia standing behind them. “Hey I have got a gift for you” said Malet giving something to Amelia. “A stone!” said Amelia shocked. “Not any stone, you can apparate with it”. “How?” asked Lily. “Watch me use it and make sure you hold me tight and we will reach the Candyland”, said Malet. “Oh! So that’s the new land”, said Amelia. “Are you ready?” asked Malet. “Sure”, said both the girls together. Malet pressed the stone and there was white fog around them, which took them to the Candyland. On arriving, they saw that there were chocolates growing on trees. Lollipops and candies grew on bushes. Fruit juice was flowing through the lake. A bit far, they saw a mountain of ice-cream. Something fell on Lily’s head. She looked up and saw chocolates falling down from a tree. “Awesome!” said Lily and started collecting them. “I want to dive into that lake of fruit juice and drink all of it”, said Amelia. So she jumped into the lake and drank all the fruit juice. “Buuuurp, oops! Maybe I drank too much juice” said Amelia. Two minutes later, juice started pouring again into the lake. “The juice is unstoppable and this lake is truly magical”, said Amelia surprised. Let’s go to the ice-cream mountain, suggested Malet. On the way, they met a ginger bread man, who helped them in climbing the mountain. They all ate ice cream till they were full. “Its dawn in your world, we should leave or your parents would get to know”, said Malet. They thanked the ginger bread man for helping them and headed to where they started their journey from. They reached there and found the magical stone on the ground. “Once more you hold me tight and we will reach your home”, said Malet. He pressed the stone again and the white fog took them back home. The girls thanked Malet for the beautiful experience and said goodbye to him. He promised to come back next week and to take them to a new land and then vanished into thin air.

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