Story Contest 2018 #1 - Outstanding Stories (Sub-junior) » Nature Loving Sisters

“Nature Loving Sisters” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Haneesha Padavala, Bennet Woods Elementary School, USA.

Nature Loving Sisters

Once upon a time, there lived a little fox and a girl named Petra. Petra’s father was working in the Air Force and her mother was a nurse. She had also a sister named Rori. .

Both of the sisters wished to have a pet. Petra and Rori were mostly alike in many ways, because both of them loved nature and wanted to help animals. One stormy day, Rori said “I hope every animal is safe. It is really windy.” “The animals have adapted to the weather, besides they will follow their mothers.” Answered Petra who was trying to cheer up Rori. After a while, Rori said “I always picked out nature books from the library and read that some animals are hunted for their warm fur and for meat.” Then Petra cried out “That’s horrible!”

When both were sleeping, the door knocked. “Maybe it is father” Said Petra excitedly. The girls’ father had been in the Air Force and staying away from the family due to his job. When the girls opened the door they didn’t see their tall father, instead they saw a baby fox. Behind the fox was an explosion! “Let’s take him inside the house!” said Rori. Petra picked up the fox and led it inside the house. Rori closed the door. The fox was really curious what the sisters would do next to her. Petra and Rori were making the fox warm and cozy.

“I wonder what that big explosion was for. Besides, the battle started at the Atlantic.” Wondered Petra. Rori then said “there can be too many to take them on.” Petra was sad with what her sister just said. The next morning, they woke up late because they took care of the fox for 2 hours in total. “You know, we need to name her.” Said Petra. After 10 minutes Rori said “Let’s name her Stella.” Then the fox woke up. Petra smiled and said “Good Morning! Your new name is Stella. I hope you like your new name.” Stella was starting to bond with Petra and Rori. The door then knocked. “I hope it is father!” Said Petra eagerly. But when they opened the door, they saw a mailman. The mailman said “Did you see a big explosion yesterday night? You also need to go to the hospital because your father is waiting for you two. He got hurt. The girls thanked the mailman, took Stella, and rushed to the hospital. When they went to Floor 23, they saw their father on a bed. Their father stared at them for a moment and smiled. The nurse, who was the girls’ mom said he hurt his arm. When the girls showed him Stella, there father bonded with the fox really well. Petra had a million questions for her father. After 2 hours when they all got home, the girls’ father told them about his adventure. Stella started to feel like home with the happy family.

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