Story Contest 2018 #1 - Outstanding Stories (Sub-junior) » Value of Obedience

“Value of Obedience” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Angel Mary Thomas, Singapore.

Value of Obedience

Once upon a time, there lived many fairies in a fairyland who possessed many magical powers. Among them were four little fairies; Jinny, Tia, Johnny and Finny. Finny is the youngest and the naughtiest amongst them and behaves very bad all the time. Tia is the most obedient and the smartest among four; she is the role model for all the fairies in the fairyland.They love to play games, have fun and often go for picnic together.

One day there was heavy rain with thunderstorm and lightning. All the little fairies were out happily playing in the rain. Their parents were calling out to them and all of them went on hiding under trees and bushes except Tia. She immediately ran to her mother and her mother took her inside their house. Tia’s mother told her that they are not supposed to get exposed to rain at such young age as they will not be able to use their powers in the rain especially when there is lightning. If the lightning strikes any of them, they will lose their wings forever. Tia was very scared to hear this and she started calling her friends from her house and asked them to find a shelter. After so much of scolding and shouting from their parents, Jinny and Johnny ran home and sat by the fairy moonlight for warmth but Finny was not ready to leave so soon as she wants to enjoy the rain for some more time. She was hiding behind a big tree.

Suddenly, there was a huge flash of light and something stuck Finny on her back. She screamed and started running towards her mother. There was fire on her shoulder and was so scared. Her mother chanted few magic words and applied some soothing medicines. Finny was soon fine and recovered from the pain, but alas! She was shocked to learn that she lost her lovely wings forever. She cried a lot and promised her parents that she will never ever disobey them and thus she learned the value of obedience.

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