Story Contest 2018 #1 - Outstanding Stories (Sub-junior) » Parrot and his Jungle friends

“Parrot and his Jungle friends” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Anshaj Gupta, Kothari International School, Noida, India.

Parrot and his Jungle friends

Once upon a time, there was a boy named …..KENNU. Nowadays he was being very excited as his birthday was round the corner. The day was bright and sunny. So it was a wonderful day……actually it was KENNU’S birthday. He also received so many gifts but he was still waiting for his father’s gift. It was almost late evening …..And still waiting for his most awaited gift, and there it was………a chirpy sounding bird….OHH MY GOD it was a parrot. He was amazed to see a bright colourful parrot; he picked up the cage and ran towards his room. It was the most precious gift he received. His father told him that the name of the parrot is RHONI and KENNU had the brightest smile on his face.

As soon as KENNU opened the cage, RHONI fled towards the glass window, thinking that probably it could fly in the sky, but as birds can’t see the glass, it got injured at his left wing because of which it was unable to fly. KENNU with his dad ran to an ornithologist , who said that he will be fine in some days. But as soon as they left Kennu for check up, ornithologist doctor informed Kennu’s father that parrot has flown away by breaking the glass window. This news made Kennu very sad and he was very much worried for Rhoni. Now Rhoni was all alone by himself, injured and no one to take care of him.

Rhoni had a tough time alone. After escaping from the doctor ornithologist clinic, he reached to a big patch of green dense jungle. Now at this place he lost the way. When he was thinking what to do next, he heard some weird noises from the bushes and suddenly a porcupine appeared and he said don’t worry, nobody here will harm you. His new friend porcupine gave him good food to eat and good place to stay. Rhoni was very happy to have a friend like porcupine and even met his friends also, which were rabbit, rattle snake and rat.

Kennu was very upset since Rhoni flew away. It has been now almost a week but still everyday he used to go ornithologist clinic and ask doctor almost every day – Is he back? There in the jungle, Rhoni was having his speedy recovery and once he was all well, he said Good Bye to all his new friends and took a big leap to reach back to the same doctor clinic from the same open glass window. As soon Rhoni reached the clinic, doctor happily called up Kennu’s father but before his father could tell him, he reached the clinic and was at seventh heaven to have his Rhoni back with him. Rhoni was very happy and continued chirping to express his love. Both of them lived happily together.

This is a story about love between humans and birds. We all should love and protect animals.

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