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The Worms and the Witch

“The Worms and the Witch” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Sajjad M Dinani, Almuntazir Boys Primary School, Tanzania.

The Worms and the Witch

A very long time ago there lived a very old witch in the forest. The witch loved fruits and vegetables a lot. One day the witch decided to plant some fruits and vegetable trees. She spent hours every day taking care of her trees.

After a few weeks, the trees just wouldn’t grow properly. She got very upset and tried to find out why the trees weren’t growing properly. Worms! “She yelled”! The witch hated worms. She quickly ran inside the house and got a stick. She was about to hit the worms with her stick when one of the worms begged her to stop. The worms explained they were just looking for food as they were hungry. The witch told the worm if he wanted her to forgive them, then they would have to do everything she said. So, the worm did everything the witch said.

When everything was done, the witch told the worms to do one more thing before they go. The witch had dropped a yellow light in the well, she told the worms to go and get the yellow light for her. The worms got the yellow light but just before coming out the well, the witch shouted to the worms to give her the lamp. The worms told the witch to help them out of the well first. The witch got angry and pushed them all inside the well.

The worms were very sad but were thankful that they had some light in the dark well. The worms began to cry loudly and all of a sudden, a dwarf appeared from the yellow light. The dwarf helped the worms out of the well and took them to a farm filled with lots of vegetables and fruits they could eat. The worms were so happy they thanked the dwarf. The dwarf didn’t have a family, so the worms asked him to live with them. From that day forward, the worms and the dwarf lived happily ever after.

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