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Ancient Mystery

“Ancient Mystery” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Kashinadh Pranesh, Gems Millennium School Sharjah, UAE.

Ancient Mystery

It was a beautiful evening after my work. Then one of my friends Provont Wales messaged to reach the Provon Walls where he is living. I smelled something wrong like danger. I have to go to Provon immediately. Then I got a message to go to Krypton who was his neighbor. Krypton told that Provont was in danger, trapped in the past. I needed to save him but I need a transportation machine. Krypton gave the super ultra-machine. First, I needed to go to 1337 BC when Akhenaten ruled. Over there, I needed to walk for 20kms until I found the Akhenaten Palace. Finally I reached there and the guards did allow me to put a feet on the royal palace. I told I was a friend of Provont and explain them the story. They were interested in my story and took me to Highness Akhenaten and explained who I am. Highness Akhenaten advised me to spend some days with them. The Sire took me to all landmarks including the Sphinx. They served me yummy food. I came to know my friend was not in that period. Highness Akhenaten advised me to go to Chandragupta’s Period who was the founder of Mauryan Empire where I can found my friend. I waved them back and planned to move to Chandragupta’s period. Chandragupta’s period was awesome. My favorite food was amazing. The emigrates asked me who I am. I told them I am Kashi a Poet and told about Provont. They told Provont was a slave. They told me that only Chandragupta can release him. I wrote a poem about Chandragupta, the founder of Maurya Empire, King of Patalipuri, Son of Sarvarthasiddhi Maurya and student of Chanakya who was the founder of Arthasastra. They took me to Chandragupta.” Long live Chandragupta.” I enhanced Chandragupta with my poem. He told me to write another poem. He asked me what help I wish to have from him. Hearing that I asked him “can you please release the slave named Provont.” He told “Yes” and released him. We went back.

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