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The Last Alexander

“The Last Alexander” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Madhvik Sureka, JSS International School, Dubai, UAE.

The Last Alexander

Me, Madhvik Sureka was dreaming about this adventure. Before I tell you what happened in the adventure, let me introduce you to the royal family. The Royal family lives in the royal castle which consists of the King, Queen, four sons and their four daughters.

The adventure begins …..

One beautiful day in the spooky village at the ‘Grages’ home, the parents had gone out leaving their two children ‘Rok’ and ‘Dok’ home. Rok was playing with the legendary bow and arrow his father had earned while spying on the enemy’s strategy. The miraculous thing about the bow and arrow was that after firing it would start burning after covering a distance of nine meters. Rok being the younger and mischievous one started playing with the bow and arrow and unintentionally launched it. The arrow landed in the enemy’s camp, which were the Elves. The Elves thought the Grages were declaring war and they shot an arrow with a message in reply intimating their willingness for war.

Meanwhile in the village the two twins ‘Cammey’ and ‘Gromey’ were playing a game of Cricket. The arrow shot by the Elves rather than reaching the Grages landed right in the middle of playground of the twins. They took the arrow and straight away went to the Royal palace to show it to the King. Cammey was stopped by the minister demanding to see the letter attached in the arrow. The letter was read aloud for the entire royal court to be heard.

The Royal army was summoned to get ready for war with a strength of 3000 soldiers, while the Elves had a meagre 900 elf soldiers in their army. The Royal army marched ahead with Shields, Arrows , Ropes and Daggers; they were accompanied by the seven children of the royal family. The seven had a secret plan to start attacking the elves from all sides. Three days of brave fighting reduced the Elves to only 100 soldiers. The three brothers seeked permission from the King that if only they three could fight the remaining 100 soldiers.

The soldiers returned to the Palace, the first prince fell into the river and died. The second prince got burnt to ashes and the third prince fighting alone won the war and came back home. As the third prince dint have a name the King decided to name him the ‘Last Alexander’, the kingdom then lived happily ever after. For the victory the King’s subjects sang a song for Alexander:

“They protect us La La La La La,

Memorable starts rum pum pum.

He is a Brave and Intelligent Knight,

He can break three logs of Iceberg.

The King and his aaarmyieei…..”

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