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Poppy the Pool Fairy

“Poppy the Pool Fairy” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Oluwakuifemi Majaro, RA International School, Nigeria.

Poppy the Pool Fairy

Chapter 1– At the pool

“I’m so excited!” said Emily Brown to her best friend Amanda Bright. The two girls had planned a playdate at the pool and were really looking forward to it. When they started swimming, Amanda found a gleaming, shimmering bracelet with an orange seahorse. The girls had a secret that no one else knew; they were friends with fairies.

Chapter 2 – Bracelet Mystery

The girls thought the bracelet they had found belonged to one of their fairy friends. “Maybe it’s for Oceana”, suggested Emily. “Maybe it is for Poppy”, suggested Amanda. Indeed, the bracelet was for Poppy; however, the girls didn’t know where to find her. As the girls searched for Poppy, they saw a trail of glitter on the ground. They followed the trail and saw that it led to a tunnel. Unsure of what they would find inside, the girls followed the trail into the tunnel and to their surprise, they found Poppy trapped with some sort of glue. Her mouth was also gagged and she could only make muffled sounds.

Chapter 3 – Meeting Poppy

Poppy was a brown- haired fairy about 30cm aged between 20 and 25 years, with an orangish-pink dress with real pearls. She was a very friendly fairy and was also the princess of Fairyville (the home of fairies).

Emily and Amanda knew they had to help Poppy. They assumed Frosty and his Frostlings were up to something and may return shortly to harm Poppy. When they untied Poppy and removed the gag in her mouth, they realized that Frosty and Co were actually innocent.

“I was trapped here by little trolls, they ran off with my magic bracelet that gives me energy – without it I would be very tired. They ran off in that direction” said Poppy, pointing to her right. Emily and Amanda helped Poppy up and took her out of the tunnel. Poppy turned the two girls into fairy- size and three of them went after the sneaky, little trolls.

Chapter 4 – Troll Trouble

“Look down there – it’s a troll!” exclaimed Emily. “Let’s fly for it!” They all flew and glided straight to where the trolls were eating dinner and playing with toys. Poppy and the girls swooped down like a tornado and tackled the trolls. As the trolls gathered to attack in return, the girls saw the bracelet in a corner, picked it up and flew away with Poppy.

But as they flew away, the bracelet slipped out of Amanda’s hand, the girls raced to get it, but it was too late; the trolls had seen the sparkly bracelet fall and were unto it in a flash.The girls followed the trolls to their hiding place and waited until the trolls fell asleep. Once the trolls slept, Amanda went to pick up the bracelet while Emily and Poppy looked out for nosy trolls. After a tense, long wait, the girls and Poppy were able to escape with the bracelet.

Chapter 5 – Party time!

Amanda, Emily and Poppy flew to Fairyville and presented the sparkly bracelet to the King and Queen of Fairyville. The rulers were both very happy that their daughter, Princess Poppy, had found her magic bracelet. The King and Queen decided to arrange a banquet in honour of Poppy and her two friends Amanda and Emily. All fairies in the kingdom were invited and of course all children who loved fairies too! The banquetwas grand, with a lot of food and drink, as well was fun and excitement for everyone in the town. There was so much noise from the banquet that the trolls were terrified and ran away. The fairies of Fairyville celebrated all night and slept in their beds till lunch time!Everyone in Fairyville lived happily ever after.

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