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The Dog and the Cat

“The Dog and the Cat” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Rocío Sáez Minguez, El Cole de Los Pekes, Spain.

The Dog and the Cat

There was a dog and a cat, they were very good friends.

One day, they were walking in the park, they were playing with the ball on the sand together when the dog fell and the cat asked people for help.

One girl picked up the dog. The girl, the dog and the cat went to the vet, the vet said to the girl that the dog had a broken bone. The cat and the girl were surprised, the veterinarian said that it had to rest in the dog’s hospital.

One day, the cat and the girl visited the dog, the dog was feeling better and the vet said that the dog was perfect so the girl and the cat took him to her house.

The dog and the cat loved the girl, the girl fell to the ground and the cat helped her. A boy saw her lying on the floor, he help her lift her up and heal her knee wound, and they fell in love, they celebrated a great wedding.

And they formed a great family, the boy, the girl, the dog and the cat. The girl had got a baby, the cat, the dog and the boy, they were thrilled. Her wish was the baby to be a girl and her wish came true, she has got a baby and the baby was a girl. After two days, the baby was crying and crying so the dog and the cat calmed the baby and it was happy again.

The dog and the cat couldn´t sleep, because the baby was crying and didn´t stop crying.

The baby started playing with the dog and the cat. The cat and the dog were very funny with the baby so the baby didn’t cry anymore.

The boy and the girl were very happy with the baby.

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