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The Origami World

“The Origami World” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Nour Nashaat Mamdouh Soufan, Kuwait English School, Kuwait.

The Origami World

Once, the characters in a book transformed to origami at night. The book was magical and it was powered by a diamond, thus everybody transformed to origami. The diamond was shiny, bright and turquoise. Everybody was really happy that the diamond was safe. The diamond had guards to keep it safe. They were well trusted as they guarded the diamond for many years.

The guards were very tired so they slowly closed their eyes and fell asleep then the diamond slowly started to fall out of the guard’s hand out of the book and on the floor! Where the book owner’s cat was looking for her missing toy, and mistaken the diamond for its toy!

In the morning everybody was astonished the diamond was gone! Everybody tried to look brave but nobody believed they could make it. When suddenly a little girl shouted bravely ‘‘I’ll go’’, everybody else added ‘‘I’ll go to’’. So they all set of inside them the hope to bring back the diamond before night time to be able to transform to origami. The book was in the living room so they soon landed on the crimson soft comfy and bouncy couch. The couch was really bouncy that when they walked they bounced. They tried several ways to walk but they couldn’t. Then the little girl had a plan she said ‘‘if we try to walk we bounce that means if we bounce and move we can get to the other side’’. The girl’s plan worked they soon reached the other side of the couch.

They were almost to the door but in front of them was one cushion. It was striped it went the opposite way they wanted to go. So when stepped on it they were back. They started because it took them back words like the design. The little girl then had another plan it was to push the cushion the other way around. It worked! So they pushed the cushion, to cross to the other side. When they reached the door it was too high up. The little girl knew what to do she said ‘‘we can climb each other to reach the handle’’. They tried hardly to reach the door but they couldn’t.

There was less hope as it was almost night time. The girl bravely asked to try again. They tried once again and they made it! They looked everywhere under the beds and in the closet. The only place left to look was the cat’s bed. Surprisingly they found it. It was only minutes before night time. So they quickly grabbed the diamond and ran as fast as their feet could take them, until they reached the book ready to transform to their normal characters. Everybody was happy but the happiest of all was the little girl she was pleased to help.

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