Story Contest 2018 #1 - Outstanding Stories (Sub-junior) » The Jealous Girl

“The Jealous Girl” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Adedayo Oluwamayokun Inioluwa, Nigeria.

The Jealous Girl

Long time ago, there lived a woman in the town of Agbara. Her name was Sofia. She was from a royal family. Her mother had three children. Amba, the first child was a girl. The second child was a boy and his name was James, while the third child, a girl, was named Sofia.

One day, Sofia told to her mother that she cannot do any home chores. Her mother advised her to try her best as a child and gave her a powerful armlet which she always put on her left wrist.

Amba became jealous about the armlet given to Sofia and then she decided to play a prank.

During school break period, Amba told James to ask Sofia to play with the swing. While Sofia was sitting on the swing, someone pushed her at a high speed and the swing became uncontrollable, so she fell into the pool and got wet. This made the armlet not to work again. Her friends then picked her up.

The next day, Sofia went to practice dancing for her birthday, so Amba suggested, “Sofia, instead of your pink shoes, why don’t you take the red for your dance?” Sofia responded, “It’s okay, thank you my big sister.” Then, she put on the red shoes and went to the dance hall.

Sofia danced abnormally and fell on the dance hall because Amba had put a charm in the red shoes. She felt very bad and cried a lot.

The following day was Sofia’s birthday. But, she was afraid to dance because of the incident that happened at the dance hall in the previous day. So, she went to a magician, Sadiq, and pleaded to make her dance well at her birthday party.

Sadiq gave her a paper to read. Unknown to Sofia the letter in the paper was to make people sleepy. James told Amba to stop her pranks on Sofia, but she wouldn’t listen. So, James walked away angrily. Amba tried to drag him back, but her cloth got torn.

At the party, when Sofia wanted to dance with her father, she read the letter in the magic paper and everyone slept off.

Sofia ran to Amba’s room and explained what happened at the birthday party. They went together to the magician’s lab, took a spell book and went to say the letter again at the party venue. Surprisingly, everyone woke up from their deep sleep!

After the birthday party, Amba and Sofia became best friends. She taught her all she needs to know to be a strong girl. Sofia then saw Amba’s torn cloth. They lived happily together thereafter.

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