Story Contest 2018 #1 - Outstanding Stories (Sub-junior) » Zombies eat brains

“Zombies eat brains” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Álvaro Ventura Fresno, Spain.

Zombies eat brains

Once upon a time, there was a volcano made of zombies and a beautiful city named Madrid. It was a sunny afternoon and there were many people in the streets. Three boys, named Álvaro, Rodrigo and Victor, survived the Apocalypses. The boys had superpowers. Álvaro had ninja powers, Rodrigo had super intelligence power and Victor had super strength power.

Álvaro had a hoody and a black jacket and lots of weapons. Rodrigo had a strong and powerful brain. Victor had Hulk’s arms.

Suddenly, all the zombies got out of the volcano and all of them invaded the city: the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, the shops, the museums, the schools, the bus stations, every park and the entire city. The people were very scared because the zombies eat their brains and when one person died another zombie appeared.

The three boys: Álvaro, Rodrigo and Victor came to action. Álvaro took all weapons, Rodrigo his brain and Victor his arms of Hulk. The zombies fell and died but one zombie survived and Álvaro, Rodrigo and Victor split to look for it in Madrid but the zombie did not appear. They did not find the mysterious zombie. Álvaro took his zombie radar and looked for some zombies’ sign. They found the zombie, but the zombie escaped again. Victor tried to catch it with a boomerang but he escaped one more time.

It was the night and Álvaro, Rodrigo and Victor hid in one house, ate a little bit and went to sleep. The next morning when they woke up, they went to the street and saw a boy and Álvaro said: - “What is your name?”- “I am Marcos and I have the invisible power. I saw the last zombie, but he did not see me” -he answered.

Victor asked him: “Where is the zombie?” and Marcos said: “The zombie was in the Prado Museum.” They were very happy because they had another member in the group.

The boys went to the Prado Museum and found the zombie in a room. Victor hold the zombie with his arms of Hulk and Álvaro took his gun and shot him and everything went back to normal. The people of Madrid appeared again and the zombies never came back again.

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