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The Marvelous Carbonara

“The Marvelous Carbonara” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Sebastian Silver, Ambrit-Rome International School, Italy.

The Marvelous Carbonara

Gripping the tray filled with steaming hot carbonara. Steam floating in the air like a swirly tornado but slowly disappearing. As I walked towards my family I heard stomachs grumbling like a Lion roaring.

Walking outside, the sun was shining in my eyes. Birds were singing, fire trucks were passing by the neighborhood. I walked slowly with the carbonara. People were staring at me. Bacon, eggs, salt, pepper, parmesan, the unimaginable smelt like a masterpiece on Masterchef. It looked like a plate of deliciousness.

The taste in my mouth so good!!! It didn’t just smell like a masterpiece it smelt like crunchy bacon, wet eggs and white dry parmesan. The crispy bacon was on the top. The parmesan and eggs were mixed around and the salt and pepper were all around the carbonara.

It was a warm day, for a few minutes it was dead quiet outside of the house but inside it was crazy loud!!!!

I was quiet while bringing out the carbonara but the others, yeesh they were as loud as a helicopter in mid air with the propeller going around and around and around.

Feeling very scared stopping once in a while and taking very small steps. People were staring not just at me but also at the carbonara. I was also very scared because maybe they wouldn't like it.

I looked at the faces. They were surprised, but I didn’t know if they were surprised in a good way or in a bad way. They all started eating the carbonara the second I gave it to them.

It was a big relief they loved it!!! Everyone was so concentrated on the on the carbonara as if it there was a contest who could eat the fastest.

In the end everybody ate their pasta in about fifteen seconds. My family got over excited and in the end all the pasta was gone!

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