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The Nail

“The Nail” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Yatee Sharma, Brandywine Elementary School, USA.

The Nail

Once upon a time there was a nail which was stuck in the ground for many years. Legend said that whoever uses a hammer to push the nail back in the ground their wish would be fulfilled. Every king from nearby kingdoms tried to push the nail down. Now it was king Arthur's turn who was very strong and famous. But he too failed. People from all around the world came for the nail but, the nail was hooked in the ground. Everybody thought it is impossible.

Then one day an elderly couple decided to take a walk through the woods. They were one of the people who didn’t have a hammer. So, they couldn’t try to push the nail in ground. As they were walking nearby they saw a house. They decided to go in the house. The house was very dark. It also had bats in it. They figured out the house was very old and no one lived in it for years. It was very late so they decided to go out of the house but they didn’t see the whole house. Each day they visited the house until one day they found a hammer. They kept the hammer with them. The next day they took it where the nail was. They hit the hammer on the nail and succeeded. The nail was nothing but an angel who turned a nail due to a spell. The angel asked the couple for the wish.

Their wish was to be the next king of the biggest kingdom whose king was Arthur. Everybody was surprised when they heard this. King Arthur hated it too. He was very angry as he wanted his son to be the next king but, the couple had pushed the nail in. He couldn’t do anything about it. King Arthur had 1 more year of being king. Each king got 5 years of being king. One year passed by fast. King Arthur still had not thought of something to do about the couple. The couple had stepped in the castle ready to be king. The servants pushed Arthur out of the castle and the couple was happier than ever. They loved the castle. The food they got was fabulous. They had the best time in the castle 3d movie theater. They had the best pair of clothes than they ever had. They even had a castle aquarium. Everybody from the world came to see the new king. The king was nice and kind and better than every single king. They lived happily ever after taking care of the kingdom.

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