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The Ship

“The Ship” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Shayaan Ahmed, AlQamar Academy International School, Chennai, India.

The Ship

Once upon a time there was a man who called Shayaan. He was the captain and he lived in North America. One day he took a ship and went in the ocean. The name of the ship was Shay. It was bigger than everyone's ship. It was blue in color. It was shiny. Captain Shayaan got some work. He needed to take some loads from North America to South America. It takes 9 days to go to South America. Captain Shayaan called his team to start his work. So his team came to the harbor to load things. Inside the load there were things like cycles, helmet, dress, pillow, chemicals, shoes, washing machine, some fridges, and chairs. They loaded all things and started driving their ship .

After the sunset the moon came. It was big round and it’s color was white. Now they were in the middle of the ocean. Captain Shayaan was seeing the sea with his binocular because he was trying to find any danger around him. Captain Shayaan saw a ship far away from their ship. So he flashed light to see if it is a pirate ship or not. But the ship didn’t flash light. Captain Shayaan thought it was a pirate ship. Captain Shayaan called Navy Police to help them from pirates. The Navy police came fast in motor boats to help the ship Shay from pirates.

Navy police saw pirate ship and turned to pirate ship and started shooting. Then the pirate ship escaped from them. Captain Shayaan told “Thank You for helping them from pirates”. Captain Shayaan started driving ship again. Later rainy climate started. Soon the rain started falling. Thunder came lighting came. Captain Shayaan was driving his ship boldly. But their ship didn’t even sink. Soon they saw South America. They all were happy. They reached South America and then they start unloading the things. Captain Shayaan told Thank You to everyone.

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