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My Magic Pencil

“My Magic Pencil” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Mohamedali Fazleabbas Dhirani, Al Muntazir Boys Primary School, Tanzania.

My Magic Pencil

One day, Jack went for a picnic with his school friends.

While they were playing in the garden, he saw something.

He rushed to the pile of mud and started to look for that thing.

Finally he found a Magic Pencil.

The next day Jack brought the pencil to school. When he was writing, everybody in the class were wondering how fast he could write. He then told his friends about his magic pencil:

“I have a magic pencil.

It can write by itself.

It can write fast.

It’s a magic pencil which helps you write any style you prefer.

It has magic which you can’t see.

If you sharp it, it will remain the same in size.

If you use the eraser it will remain the same size.

The magic pencil is long and comfortable for writing.

And if you are tired of writing it can write for you.

It can write any style of handwriting you want.”

As soon as he held the pencil in his hands it started writing on its own. All the students screamed, “Jack has a Magic pencil !”

Wow! The pencil did all the class work for Jack.

When he went home, Jack just ordered the pencil “complete my math and science homework please.”

And the pencil started to do all the work.

Jack was so happy he didn’t have to do anything now. “Finally I can rest,” said Jack.

When his Mummy shouted, “Jack have you completed your homework?” Jack screamed in excitement, “Yes” mom, it’s all done!

Next day in school his teacher Miss Mary was so happy to see that Jack has completed all his work on time.

This kept going on for few days; the pencil would do all Jack’s work on time.

But one day the Magic Pencil disappeared. Jack cried and looked for it everywhere but it was nowhere to be seen.

After that day Jack learned to do all his work by himself.

He then completed all his class work and homework himself and always scored top grades in Exams.

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