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The Avengers

“The Avengers” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Waleed Sareva, Almuntazir Boys Primary School, Tanzania.

The Avengers

Once upon a time, there lived heroes of the city. They always helped people from the villans. One day a bad guy called Dr. Diamond attacked the city. But Hulk who was one of the heroes came and crushed him down. Dr. Diamond got angry and hit Hulk. After wards there occured another hero who was the captain America and helped Hulk by throwing his metal shield and hit Dr.diamond which ended his life. Hulk and his friend Thor (the third hero) talked about the battle of Dr. diamond. Hulk told Thor that Dr. Diamond was finished.

While talking they heard people screaming about thieves stealing money, they went there and Thor used his power to make lightining and stop those thieves. They had stolen 15,558USD at the bank. Captain America’s brother came, he went to the avengers city to look for his friends, but when he was there he did not see his brother. When he went to a corner he saw one thief hiding himself with a gun, he took his magic stick and killed the thief, when he went outside, he saw an army of Dr. Claw and an army of police fighting. But in fighting Dr. Claw used magic powers while policemen used their hands, sniper guns and shields. They fought and fought. Captain AMERICA’S brother saw them and tried to tell them to stop fighting but Dr. Claw said NO! while the police agreed to stop fighting. Dr.Claw said if they wanted him to stop they should give him some money, the police got angry and asked him how much money he wanted. Dr.Claw said he wanted 1million USD. The police disagreed to give that huge sum of money and so decided to fight back.

Meanwhile the four Heroes Thor, Captain America, Hulk and Iron man came and helped the police to fight Dr.Claw until he got scared and escaped. So the police started celebrating and shouting HURRRRRRAAAYYY! for winning against Dr.Claw

When Dr.Claw got home he told his family that he was attacked by the Heroes (Thor, captain America and Iron man) all together and so he lost the battle and managed to escape. He told all members of his family to join forces with their magic power and go fight the so called “HEROES”. His family declined the offer and told him to accept the defeat and so no more battle ever happened in the city.

The four heroes gave themselves the name ‘THE AVENGERS’

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