Story Contest 2018 #1 - Outstanding Stories (Sub-junior) » Little Mary & the Fairy

“Little Mary & the Fairy” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Advika P Pillai, India.

Little Mary & the Fairy

Many many years ago, there lived a small girl, her name was Mary. She was poor. One day her mother said “will you go and get some food for us? We don't have any money at home”. Mary said, “okay mother” and she went to find food for her family.

Mary went into a forest, the dark woods, park, garden and even the play ground, still she could not find any food.

She was very tired and decided to rest under a tree and started crying.

One fairy heard her and came and asked “why are you crying, little girl?”. Mary replied that she could not find any food for herself and her family.

Fairy pointed her to a hill and said “go up that hill and you will find a giant dice on the top. Say “roll, roll, roll dice, oh please roll". Then the dice will roll by itself. If number 1 comes, you will get a 1 rupee coin, if 2 comes - 2 rupees and if 3 comes, you will get 1000 rupees. You will get only three chances, so you should try and get number 3”. Mary said okay and suddenly the fairy disappeared.

Mary started climbing the hill and half way up, she got thirsty. She was thinking about the fairy, who suddenly appeared and gave her a very small bottle with water. Mary said “but this bottle is so small". Fairy replied “if the water gets finished, you need to press this button at the bottom of the bottle and it will get filled up again". Mary was happy to have the water and continued up the hill.

She found the giant dice, just like the fairy had said. She told the dice “roll, roll, roll dice, oh please roll". And the dice actually rolled and she got number 1. She tried again and this time she got number 3and 1000 rupees, just like the fairy had said. Mary thought, “I should give some money to the fairy too". So she asked for the dice to roll again. This time also she got 1000 Rupees !!

She called the fairy and gave 1000 rupees to the fairy to have helped her. But the Fairy refused and blessed Mary for her kindness.

Mary returned home happily with food for her family and rest of the money. She later became rich, her mom and dad became Queen and King and she, a princess. And they all lived happily ever after.

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