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My Wish Came True– Thank God, it was a Dream

“My Wish Came True– Thank God, it was a Dream” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Khushi Bansal, JSS International School, UAE.

My Wish Came True– Thank God, it was a Dream

I always wished that my Mom should not stop me from anything be it eating chocolates, playing games on Mobile or watching Netflix. You will not believe it came to be true one day when I saw that my Mom stopped looking at me and did not stop me for eating more chocolates and also playing games and watching Netflix..

I started liking it. For few days I was thinking that I have got what I wanted and thanked God. I was eating so many chocolates every day and spent the whole time playing mobile games and watching only cartoons. I started ignoring my friends and was not going out to play with them because I was so much attached to my games and cartoons.

I stopped eating the healthy food and loved only junk food. My mamma was not stopping me again.

I skipped my homework and I loved it. Mamma was not asking me to complete my homework.

After few days, I realized that my friends have moved away from me. They were no more interested in playing with me. My school teacher started shouting at me every day and I was not finishing my work.

I started gaining weight and when I looked at myself, my physique became unattractive and I didn’t like it. My confidence to talk to others also started going away.

I started feeling bad and looked at my mother but she was not interested in me. I don’t know why. I started crying and wanted the old days to come back. I wanted my mother to take care of me and stop me from every bad thing. But I guess the time already passed and I had no choice.

I was crying and crying to get my old days back. Suddenly, I saw somebody pushing me to wake me up as I was getting late for my class. I saw that it was my Mom who was making me to get up from my sleep. Then I slowly realized that it was just a dream. Thank God it was just a dream!

I hugged my Mom after getting up from the sleep and she did not know why I hugged. But I realized one thing that nobody in this world can care for you more than your mother and please listen to her whenever she asks you to stop doing something as it may be bad for you.

Thank God for showing me this dream and making me understand the role of my Mother in building my life…

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