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The Emerald

“The Emerald” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Saisha Sharma, Victorious Kidss Educares, India.

The Emerald

Once upon a time, there were three friends named Jade, Ruby and Amber. They were cousins, and they were all daughters of countesses. Once, they found a map between two rocks. ”what is this?” Jade asked, as she bended down to pick it up. ”It is a map!” Ruby exclaimed. “Quick! Bring it, to my room! It is in my house, which is the closest!” Amber said. The three spread it on the dressing table, and looked at it. They examined it carefully. “Look! It points to the gazebo of your house, Ruby. Let’s go! Jade said, excited. They hurried there.

Once they were there, a clue appeared in the empty space. “If you want to find the emerald that you seek, look behind the artistic mountain peak”, Ruby read. “Great! Now, what does that mean?” Amber asked. “The painting!”Jade squealed, making the other two jumps.“Painting? What painting?” Amber asked. “Ruby, can I take that painting of Mount Everest down, please?” Jade asked. ”Sure!” said Ruby, who was beginning to understand. Amber was also beginning to understand. Jade took down the painting and knocked on its back. “I knew it! There is a false back!” “Wow! You are definitely the smart one!” Amber said. Meanwhile, Ruby took out the false back. There was a note. “Read it, Jade! Read it!” Ruby and Amber exclaimed “Me? Why?” Jade asked. Amber sighed.

Then Ruby patiently explained, “You were the one who found it! If it weren’t for you, we would have been lost!” “Ok”, Jade agreed.”Go to the shore of the lake of this garden and go to the unicorn-shaped rock. “To get the emerald of tricks you must talk”, Jade read. “I always wondered why there was a unicorn-shaped rock on the shore of the lake. And when mother told people to mine it, it would not budge” Ruby said. “Let’s go!” said Jade, while running towards the exit: The others followed. When they reached there, this happened. “Ruby red and Amber yellow, full of mean, it always shows like Jade green.” Amber said. Then, before their very eyes, the rock was half-lifted, so that they could just duck through the opening. So they did, and found themselves in a long dark passageway. They went all the way to the end of it, and they saw an old, old woman floating! ”who are you?” said the old woman. “Jade, Ruby and Amber” they said, introducing themselves. The woman held up the stone which she was clutching to her chest. Jade was suddenly hypnotized by it.” My mistress is calling me ………. “She howled, yawning. The woman cackled. “Finally, Elizabeth, my rival’s next form is in my clutches!” she exclaimed. “Jade, no!” Ruby shouted thinking fast. Amber did not think. She snatched the emerald from the woman and fled back to the exit.

Jade woke up from her trance. “Who are you and what do you want?” Jade asked loudly. “Noooooooo!”Sighs the woman. ”I am Julieta, and I was the ultimate rival of Jade’s great-great-grandfather, Elizabeth. Now, she has been reborn into Jade’s form. I thought I had got rid of her, but I was wrong.” She continued. “She was the intelligent one. She was the wise one. She was the beautiful one. Then when I put a potion on the emerald that your friend snatched, she died all of a sudden, but I lived because I had immortality potions.

Now you can have the emerald. Elizabeth has too many friends to take care of her in whatever form.” She sobbed a little while explaining “I drew the map because only Elizabeth’s reborn form could find it and I tricked you.” She concluded. “Thank you very much for the emerald.” Ruby thanked her. “Please give the ruby to Jade’s mother to keep safe.” Julieta said. “It belongs with Jade’s family.” “We will come and visit, you soon!” Jade said, “Really? Well, thank you! It’s quite lonely here, Bye!” Julieta added. “Good-Bye!” the girls said, before disappearing down the passage. When they emerged, Jade was holding the emerald. They raced to Jade’s house.

Her mom was waiting for her, for it was lunch time. “Jade! Where have you been?” she asked curiously. “Mother, Can you please put this emerald for safe-keeping?” Jade panted. “But, why? We already have so many jewels!” mom protested. “You know Jade’s great-great-grandmother Elizabeth, right? Well, her rival was about to use it to hypnotise her when she suddenly died. So, Jade was hypnotised by Julieta’s emerald because she was born-again in the form of Elizabeth. “Ruby and Jade helped her explain. “Well, this must certainly be kept safely! But where did you find it?” mom asked. They led her to Julieta. They talked a little, and then headed back for lunch. “mmmm……. Potatoes! My favourite.”Amber said.

Well, we must leave them enjoying their potatoes. But if you hurry up, I daresay there are some left for you.

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