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Laura and her best friend Nora

“Laura and her best friend Nora” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Leyre Muñoz Rodríguez, El Cole de Los Pekes, Spain.

Laura and her best friend Nora

It was a shiny day. In a beautiful city named Potatuck, there were many houses. In one of the houses lived a girl named Laura.

Laura had blue eyes and long blond hair, she was a very generous, intelligent and very, very beautiful girl.

She was wearing a blue t-shirt with a very big heart on it and pink short trousers.

Laura was twelve years old. Her house was huge and the bedrooms were blue with pink stripes and a very big garden full of flowers.

Her best friend was Nora Williams. Nora was very intelligent and she was very good at maths and art.

She had dark eyes and long black hair, that day she was wearing a blue t-shirt with a very colourful rainbow on it and purple short trousers. Nora was eleven years old. The next day Nora went to Laura's house.

It was a bright Friday, a very shiny day of winter...

Laura got dressed and went to a restaurant, she ate chicken. Then she went to a very big shopping centre. There, she bought a very beautiful pink dress and a pair of high heel shoes. They were beautiful, pink and bright. Laura's birthday was the next day so her best friend Nora bought a surprise for Laura.

The next day it was Saturday, it was snowing, snowing and snowing...

Laura woke up and shouted:

-Today is my birthday!!!!!!

All her friends prepared a surprise party in her house, and Nora bought a surprise for Laura. One of her friends, Mateo, gave his surprise to Laura... the surprise was a...

-A tablet! -shouted Laura.

-Thank you-said Laura.

-You are welcome-said Mateo.

All her friends had another surprise for Laura.

She opened a door and she saw...

-A bicycle! -said Laura.

-Thank you! -said Laura.

-You are welcome Laura! -said all her friends.

But the best gift was of Nora’s.

It was a necklace where you could read: “BEST FRIENDS FOREVER"

It was the best birthday of her life.

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