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Clara and the Abandoned Garded

“Clara and the Abandoned Garded” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Mariya Unissa Begum, St. Mary’s Catholic High School, UAE.

Clara and the Abandoned Garded

Once upon a time Clara and her friends were playing hide and seek. Clara was nine years old. She had blonde hair which was always tied in a ponytail and she was adventurous. While playing hide and seek Jean, one of her friends caught her and Clara was the denner. She turned away and counted till 20 slowly. When she finished, she turned and saw a giant tall hush in front of her. “Hello, is anyone there?” she asked nervously. Then suddenly something pulled her in a muddy puddle.

She woke up. She wasn’t where she was standing earlier. Instead she was on the other side of the bush. “Help!” she shouted. She pulled herself together and examined her surrounding closely. There was nothing but dead grass. She also saw a deep pit and she curiously went to see it. To her surprise there was a gnome squeaking “Help!”. Clara gingerly cupped her hands and helped the gnome get out. The gnome was only the size of her hand. The gnome ran behind a large clump of grass and asked “Who are you? Are you going to harm me?”

“I’m Clara. I’m not going to harm you”. She scrambled out.

The gnome said “You deserve a reward” and led her to another pit which contained an old rusted box and he opened it. Clara gasped… A wonderful dress lay there, golden, with magnificent patterns of orange and yellow. It was made out of pure gold. “Wear this and you’ll be able to go home. Clara wore the dress. “Now jump into the chest, the gnome instructed.

Clara noticed the bottom of the chest was deep black, and jumped hesitantly. She felt dizzy, and she found herself with the found in front of her house’s door. She knocked softly and her mother opened the door. “Wow Clara! Where did you get that dress from?” she asked.

Clara explained what happened to her mom. When her mother heard this, she laughed hard and said: “You are a very imaginative child my dear.” Normally Clara would have been cross to hear this but she was grateful to be back home and hugged her mother tightly.

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