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The Admired Princess

“The Admired Princess” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Sophia Duruji, Britannia village primary school, England.

The Admired Princess

One glorious day, the charming princess Sheona woke up. As soon as she woke up, her mum and dad; Queen Lisa and King Henry were a little bit frustrated because Sheona woke them up. Afterwards they all had a banquet it was freshly made with a ray of good smells. Later on, when they all came out of the kingdom; Sheona, Lisa and Henry heard the noise coming from the back door of the palace. But even though that maybe a bit awkward to other people, it was completely normal to her. By the time she heard the people screaming and screeching, she just realised that she had to go to school because she was 14. Since the day she came in, she had so many friends especially because she was the princess in fact her friends were just using her. Thus after the next two days it was her prom she just decided she could wear the same outfit as her best friend.

She really enjoyed but as time passed by it was time for her to go home. Then all of a sudden, she felt remarkably tired however her friends were still calling her. But while her friends were calling her she always dreamed about her friends using her but she never thought that was true. Although her mother always told her “think thrice not twice”, and to be careful always, Sheona thought a lot of things but she hardly dreams.

There was a show in the next morning. During the show, she made a very interesting presentation because it was thirteen pages long. As she was the princess, she could afford things that were based on her presentation: pearls. So she decided that she would put them in a special box and so she did. But the other children found it so unfair. Those children believed they had a better personality than her but never said it, yelled it or even mumbled it.

She was often the bigger person! She went to school again and did amazing work as usual and played with her friends and also ete lunch together. They also realised that they had the same bracelet and the same food. The princess was really admired was and she had good qualities too. During the school trip, the children were expecting her to be posh. about it was true that her friends were using her. They always kept on asking her for pearls, jewellery and money. Suddenly a brain wave got into her head and she thought no wonder they have been hiding their own little secret all the time. They know she can be a Drama Queen; as in telling King Henry or Queen Lisa! Her friends don’t want to get banned the country additionally the only princess they know. She said “I’ve got to admit that they are pretty irritating and annoying.” Later the next thing you know is we have got a better idea for the research and Sheona normally doesn’t get the mark. After some time she realised and started thinking straight “Why did I make a hand shake with them? Why am I friends with them?” Then after they were not friends anymore because of the fact that not only they ask for incredibly expensive things but also that by the time you know it you’ll be hearing we have a better plan than yours. Sheona never even has a chance of giving one of her ideas to her friends! As another day began, her friends were finally apologised and became mature friends afterwards. She was so happy she told her parents.

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