Story Contest 2018 #1 - Outstanding Stories (Sub-junior) » A True Patriot Girl

“A True Patriot Girl” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Anika Singh, Kothari International School, Noida, India.

A True Patriot Girl

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Eva. After completing her education, she got a job in a multinational company in a modern city Noida. She felt very happy and excited about the new job and the big city like Noida. But, when she arrived Noida, she was very disappointed and sad. She found that city is too polluted and people are very unruly and undisciplined. Initially, she wasn't comfortable with the big city and its concrete structure and pollution. After reaching her rented home in a society, she decided to bring changes in society and the city.

Eva was very modern and educated. She used to go market to buy fruits and vegetables. She used to go office by metro train. She also used to go shopping mall for shopping.

Once she was going to the market, she saw an injured puppy Pug on street and some children were annoying him. She immediately saved the puppy from them and brought him home. She started to take care of him and made him her pet and named him Dumdum. Soon he became a healthy and favourite pet of everybody in the neighbourhood. Now she had found a company in Dumdum for her morning and evening walk.

One winter night, Eva was returning to home from office, she saw that a poor old rickshaw puller was shivering in cold. She immediately gave her woollen jacket and saved his life from cold. The Rickshaw puller thanked her and gave his blessings to her. Eva was a very nice girl and always felt satisfaction in helping others.

She was also very active in the cleanliness of her society and surroundings. She used to encourage people to plant trees and water them routinely. To save the environment from pollution, she used to go office by metro train, not by car. She always took care of her health and used to go for jogging every morning in the park. She always believed that for the progress of country every citizen must be healthy.

Once she fell very sick and not able to stand and feeling weak. She even was not able to call her relatives for help. Her puppy Dumdum got worried and ran to call neighbourhoods for help. Since she was loved by everybody, neighbours came and helped her. They called Ambulance but no ambulance was available for her service at that night. But Dumdum was so smart and ran towards Rickshaw puller and told about the whole situation to him. He instantly carried Eva in his Rickshaw and took her to the nearest hospital. After reaching the hospital on time, Eva got treatment and became stable. All neighbourhood, Dumdum and rickshaw puller took care of her. Now that she had recovered from her illness, she happily returned home.

It was because of Eva behaviour towards society, environment, animals and nature, she was loved by all. She was a very nice girl and always ready to help others.

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