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Weakness is Strength

Everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses! Turning our weaknesses into strengths makes us unbeatable. This is an inspiring story of a 12-year-old boy Kim who defeated his weakness, by unknowingly making it his strength.

Poor Kim lost his left hand in a terrible accident. His parents could not console him. To cheer him up, his father made him join a Judo school. As the boy always wanted to learn Judo, his father thought that this would make him happy.

Everyone wondered how a single armed boy could learn Judo. However, the master happily enrolled him. He trained in Judo for about 8 months. He practiced nothing but a single stroke. He trained for all 8 months in mastering a single stroke. The boy was surprised and sometimes annoyed as his master taught him only one stroke.

Yet, he said nothing. The boy mastered the stroke and grew as nobody could excel in doing that particular stroke. The boy was picked by the master to compete in the national level Judo championship tournament.

Everyone made fun of Kim and the master. How a one-handed boy could win a national championship? Even the boy was not sure about why his master chose him.

Surprising to other’s taunting, Kim easily defeated his six contenders with his single stroke. He gradually moved to semi-finals. He struggled a bit in the semi-finals and won the match.

Needless to say, it surprised everyone. The final match began. The opponent was very strong and the boy could not counterattack him. The referee decided to halt the match, as the opponent could harm Kim severely. He announced a break and discussed with Kim’s master to stop the match and declare the opponent as the champion of the year. Even Kim was happy that he advanced very much and happily said yes! However, his master did not want him to quit the match. He asked Kim to continue the match. Of course, with a huge effort, Kim won the match and the title. He had become the champion!

Kim was so surprised how he won the competition with just a single stroke. His master told him,‘My dear boy, you learned the most difficult stroke in Judo that very few can master to perfection. If your opponent wants to beat you and prevent you from using the stroke, they should hold your left hand. This is the secret behind your victory!’

If the boy turned his weakness, the loss of his left hand to a massive success, why can’t we?

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