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The Amazing Adventure

“The Amazing Adventure” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Marcos Cabello, El Cole de Los Pekes, Spain.

The Amazing Adventure

In a very sunny day, four boys named: Rodrigo, Marcos, Levy and Antonio, were in a very little town named Torrejon del Rey.

In Torrejon del Rey, every day was very hot, and all the people on Sundays go to the park of the square.

All the days the people have to line up to get into the park. Those who do not get a chance to get into the park usually go to the skate park, because the children like a lot to skate with the slopes.

When the four friends were little, they were the best friends in the world.

Now Marcos was very tall, very strong and very clever, he had a lot of hair and go to a sport called Jiu Jitsu, and he was 28 years old. Meanwhile, Antonio was very tall, he is a little bit nervous and get angry quickly. He goes to the same class of athletics than Marcos and he was 28 years old too. Rodrigo was short, he had glasses, he was very funny and he goes to basketball classes. He was 28 years old too. Levi was very clever, was not very tall but he was not very short, he goes to classes of jiu jitsu too and he was a little bit older.

Marcos is the biggest and strongest of the four friends. Marcos and Levi go to jiu jitsu, but Marcos had the sixth belt, this belt was yellow.

One day, the four friends went to an incredible place with a lot of amazing plants that the four friends haven’t seen in their lives. But then, an enormous and black hole appeared in the beautiful floor!

After that, the four friends appeared in a place of a very big, beautiful and incredible jungle. Later, they saw an old man that said: The four of you have to save this jungle because it is the most important of the world.

Then they said to the old man: “Okay, what do we have to do?,” He explained :-“All of you have to take a diamond from the hell that fell down in this jungle. That diamond is killing all the important animals of the jungle and it is transforming the jungle in hell”

The four friends asked the old man: Where is the diamond? And the old man said: In a mountain of gold.

The four went to save the jungle but the thing that the old man forgot to say to Antonio, Marcos, Levi and Rodrigo was that one man from hell was protecting the diamond.

After two hard and long days, they found the gold mountain, but they were ready, they have guns of fire. The four friends claimed the mountain and tried to kill the man from hell but they couldn’t because the man of the hell could only die if you sink a horn of an Australian bull in his body.

Suddenly, a magician appeared in the sky and gave Marcos a horn from an Australian bull.

Marcos sank the horn in the man of the hell, at the same time, the man of hell stabbed a sword on Marcos.

The magician appeared and resurrected Marcos, then the four friends broke the diamond and a hole appeared in the floor.

Finally the four friends went into the hole and suddenly, Marcos, Rodrigo, Levi and Antonio appeared in Marcos’ house. They had saved the jungle and lived a great adventure that they will never forget in their lives.

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