Story Contest 2018 #1 - Outstanding Stories (Sub-junior) » Rosered and the Monkey

“Rosered and the Monkey” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Aadya Joshi, India.

Rosered and the Monkey

Once upon a time, there was a girl named “Rosered”. She was a beautiful, intelligent and loving girl but she had a volatile nature. One day, she went to collect some flowers and berries from the forest. On her way back home, she was lost and started weeping. A monkey approached her hearing her voice and asked why she was crying? She said “I am lost and can’t find my way back home”. The monkey said, “Don’t worry, I am Gego and I will help you”. They walked in the jungle looking for way back to Rosered’s home. After a while they found her home. She was happy and befriended Gego and invited him to play with her every day. They played every evening and had lots of fun. One evening when Gego came to play, he was very hungry. He saw mangoes in the basket and couldn’t stop himself. Without asking Rosered, he ate them all.

When Rosered came to pick the mangoes, she found the basket is empty and saw a monkey. She threw stones at him and yelled. She did not realize that it was Gego and she was grumpy in the whole evening. Next day, she waited for Gego but he didn’t come. This continued for few days. She went looking for him and saw him on the tree. Gego got scared and ran away. At this point she realized that the monkey who ate the mangoes was Gego. She felt bad about what she did to Gego few days back. She lost a good friend because of her short temperedness. She decided to cheer up Gego and make him her friend again. Next day, she went to Gego with a basket of berries and fruits. Gego saw her and thought she has come to hurt him. He was about to run but Rosered stopped him and said “I am so sorry Gego, that day I yelled at you. Please forgive me and let’s be friends again. Please have this basket of fruits and berries”. Gego looked at her and said,“Ok, I forgive you but if you promise not to be angry again”. So, they went in the forest to Gego’s home singing and playing where his mother was waiting for him. She said “Gego, have you got a new friend with you”. “Yes Mom” said Gego. “Alright, so you can go and play in the forest, but don’t go too far” said his mother. But they went deep into the forest and didn’t notice that they were in front of Sher Khan’s cave. Just then, Gego heard the rustle of the leaves and turned back and saw Sher Khan coming towards them. The lion saw them and his mouth watered. They both started running and suddenly Gego climbed the tree. He also pulled Rosered up. They were safe now. Sher Khan waited for a while and returned back. Rosered was happy that she has a friend who cares for her. She smiled and decided not to loose her temper ever.

Moral: We should never fight and should be friends always.

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