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A White Christmas

“A White Christmas” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Siofra Glynn, Scoil Lorcain, Ireland.

A White Christmas

“I want an American Girl doll and a mountain bike from Santa Claus this year,’’ Sarah announced to her parents.

“That sounds a bit expensive for Santa!’’ said her Mom.

“But I really can’t wait for Christmas. It’s going to be so exciting!’’

There was nothing Sarah loved more than waking up on Christmas morning to find her Christmas wishes under the tree.

Yet the days leading up to December seemed to take years. So when Sarah woke up on the first of December, you can imagine how happy she was. She skipped down the stairs and ran into the kitchen. She was surprised to see her parents looking tearful.

“What’s wrong?’’ asked Sarah confusedly. Her Mom and Dad shared a worried look.

“Well… the landlord wants our house back. So, well, we will have to move out,’’ her Mom explained.

Sarah burst out into tears. “But ... where could we move to?’’ she whispered.

“We’ll have to stay in a hotel,’’ her Dad answered. “But it will only be temporary,’’ he added, seeing the look on her face.

So Sarah spent the next few days packing up her belongings. By the time they finally moved out, it was nineteen days till Christmas! Sarah and her parents drove to a hotel a few miles away. They unloaded the car and brought the suitcases up to their room. It was a small room with one double bed and one single bed. It also had a bathroom, but that was all.

Over the course of the following week, many of the questions Sarah wanted to ask themselves. What would she do with all her toys? Answer: put them in a friend’s old, unused, dirty shed. How would they cook dinner with no kitchen? Answer: they don’t. They get a take-away. Where would she do her homework? Answer: sitting on her bed. How would she entertain herself? Answer: by reading...a lot.

Sarah didn’t like living in a hotel. It might sound nice but it is very hard. She wished she had her old life back. As Sarah looked out the window at the lashing rain, she decided that all she wanted for from Santa was a white Christmas.

As the days passed, Sarah was starting to feel a bit more cheerful. It was almost Christmas! Only seven days to go now!

At last, it was Christmas Eve! Sarah couldn’t help feeling happy. Her parents even bought a mini Christmas tree. She was lying on her bed when the telephone rang. She picked it up curiously. “Hello?’’ she said uncertainly.

“Yes,’’ said a man’s voice.’’ This is Jack from Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council. I am calling to tell you that I found a nice house for you in Monkstown.’’

Sarah beamed. “Mom! Dad! Listen to this!’’ She yelled. When her parents came running in, Sarah handed them the phone.

Sarah’s family celebrated well into the night. The next morning they moved into their new house. It was lovely. Sarah ran into her new bedroom and remembered, it was Christmas Day! She glanced out the window and saw, that it was snowing!

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