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The Adventures of Prince Unas

“The Adventures of Prince Unas” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Maya Ehab Selim, Kuwait English School, Kuwait.

The Adventures of Prince Unas

There once lived a Prince called Prince Unas in Ancient Egypt. He wasn’t like the others, in fact he would actually want to build pyramids and explore through the jungle. Unas never showed his hair, he would always get something to cover his hair. His family was all great rulers but he was the odd one out.

It was a normal day and some people were building a pyramid…The Great Pyramid of Giza! “Can I help, I’ve always wanted to help build a pyramid?” Unas asked excitedly. “No way, you’ll mess it up like you always do,” Shouted the man in charge grumpily. “No I don’t, see, now give me that brick and I know exactly what to do with it,” Recommended Unas. He picked up the brick and placed it on top of the pyramid. Everyone stood still as a statue, waiting to see what’s going to happen. Five seconds later the whole thing fell down. Every single brick that the men worked hard on was scattered on the floor. Unas took a step back then ran into the forest. He hid behind a bush where nobody could see him.

The workers were furious. They wanted to destroy Unas just as much as he destroyed their pyramid. Unas decided to be brave, so he stepped out of the bushes and said “I am so sorry, so I will help you rebuild it!” But the workers said no. Unas ran away and thought I ’m useless around here, nobody can even trust me to do the simplest things! ” Then an idea hit him. He thought if he showed everyone how useful he could be everyone would trust him to help! He picked up a few bricks and built a tiny little pyramid, it didn’t even fall down that time! However sadly, nobody was impressed because a four year old built a pyramid twice as big. Then he thought that maybe he could get some food, he caught ten goats. Yet again nobody was impressed because an old poor man caught twenty goats!

“That’s it, I am completely useless around here!” Shouted Unas. He then suddenly saw an Asp, which was a very poisons snake.“Oh no, help, anybody, help!” bellowed Unas desperately. But no one heard him, they were all busy working. You know what, I will be brave, and I will take his venomous tooth out of his little mouth thought Unas to himself.

This time he thought he should take his hat off, that way he wouldn’t get bit, while trying to take a tooth out. Unas took his hat off and a lady nearby started laughing and didn’t stop, Unas had three strips of hair! He ignored her and focused. He snuck up behind the Asp, held him tight, and the second the Asp opened his mouth Unas took the tooth out. Nobody saw him but Unas learned that he should never give up.

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