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Smart Became A Hero

“Smart Became A Hero” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Richa Rishi, JSS International School, Dubai, UAE.

Smart Became A Hero

Once upon a time there lived a boy named Smart. He was very smart and brilliant like his name. He got prizes like Puncher 3000 and Magic Books from the king of the country for being a very brilliant boy in the country. He always wanted to be a Hero who help his country and King.

One day he went the Zoo to learn about animals, with the help of the Zoo keeper he soon became friends with all the animals. Animals became his best friends and Smart always feed them with their favorite food.

A wicked witch was living in the forest near the country. She always wanted to conquer the Country and became the King of that country. She wanted to catch Smart to know about the King and defeat the King to conquer his country. She tried several ways to defeat the king, but she failed every time. So, she wanted to catch Smart who is a good friend of king as well as the animals. At night she put a magical spell on the animals. All the animals came to her control and started to listen to her orders. She told the animals to catch Smart while he is sleeping.

All the animals got out of the Zoo with the help of the wicked witch to catch Smart. The animals broke the gate of Smart’s home. Suddenly Smart woke up from the sleep hearing the sound and saw animals coming to his house. He also saw the witch riding on an elephant. The smart took his Puncher 3000 and punched the witch and the witch got hurt and she ran away from there.

Then Smart made a magical portion with the help of the magic book and feed the animals. All animals became normal and went back to the zoo. Thus smart became a Hero who saved The King, Country and animals.

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