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The Day at School

“The Day at School” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Zariya Khan, Gulf English School, Doha, Qatar.

The Day at School

“Waky waky! Wake up Sara, today’s your first day of school. I’ll go and make your lunch (snack) while you get ready.” “UHHHHH! I hate school, it’s just so boring.” After a while mom asked “Are you done?” “Nearly.” Replied Sara. Soon she was ready; she sat in the car and went to school with her mom.

When she reached school, a girl yelled, “Hi!” Sara ignored her (as she was nervous). Her English lesson was about to start and Sara was thinking how her teacher would be. Sara thought she might be very strict. As it was her first day at school, she had no friends to play with. All the class mates were very rude to her; hit, pushed and annoyed her. When a boy pushed Sara, she woke up. It was just a nightmare and when she saw the clock on the wall it was already time to wake up for school. She was totally confused as she had been to school and it was school time again.

Suddenly, she heard a knock at the door and her mom entered the room to wake her up but she was already awaked. Mom asked her to get ready but Sara did not want to step down a single step from her bed. She was so frightened because of what happened to her the previous day. “What’s the matter” mom asked. “I…I never want to go to school again.” Sara answered. “What do you mean? Today is your first day of school.” Told mom. “No, it’s not. School is the worst, it’s so frightening.” Sara said. “Well, well, well! I’m not in a mood to hear any silly cooked up stories today.” chuckled mom. “No, no, no! Shouted Sara. “Why are you scared dear?” questioned mom. “Is today my first day to school really?” asked Sara. “Yes dear, don’t worry you’ll enjoy there.” Consoled mom. “Wait, then does that mean that I was dreaming all that time?” Sara wondered. “Maybe?” mom said with a smile. “Remember when your big sister was in year 1, her teacher used to give her sweets when she did something good.”Explained mom. Sara hopped out of the bed and quickly went to get ready.” That’s the spirit!” appreciated mom.

Then they both sat in the car and mom drove Sara to school. When they reached their destination, Sara was amazed to see her school, it was huge! Sara LOVED it. Her school’s name was ‘The Friendly Education School.’(FES) she couldn’t wait to go in. As she went in, her class was right close to the main door. Sara entered in her classroom, when she saw her teacher; she started thinking about all her dream and was really pleased and surprised to see all the opposite of her dream. Sara was cute, well-mannered and friendly kid, therefore mostly everyone wanted to be her friend!

At home time, Sara’s teacher, Mrs. Emily gave her 5 sweets, as she was the best student in the class. When her mom came to pick her up, Mrs. Emily told Sara’s mom about all the good things she did, and her mom was really pleased to hear that.

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