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“Goal!” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by P Bhanu Sohan, JSS International School, Dubai, UAE.


It was a nice sunny evening. A couple was in a hospital waiting for their child to be born. But that evening, a deadly storm struck the power lights everything went out. Luckily with the emergency power, the delivery was possible but in the storm, the hospital was damaged. Thirteen doctors were injured and 4 were dead. Sadly the child's parents also died in this accident, Dr.Gupta and Dr.Anuskha decided to raise the child. They named him Manish, in the following days he went to his house. Dr.Gupta's house was huge with 16 rooms.

Since both his parents were working, his grandparents took very good care of him. Soon he became 5 years old, his 5th birthday was celebrated in Disney land as he was growing his father taught him many things. Suddenly his grandfather passed away this was a tremendous loss the whole house was in sorrow. Then his aunt told him to pursue sports as it was his grandfather's last wish. He was happy to pursue it as he liked sports anyway.

Many years passed on now he reached high school. He was now a great football player he got selected in the school squad as a right-winger. Just as he got selected there was another tragedy in his life. His mom was expecting now his mom had quit her job and decided to stay at home. When his baby brother was born, from a young age he showed interest in sports their dream was to become a great footballer.

On a weekend there was a tournament hosted at their community scouters were also there watching out for young talents in the tournament. Manish and his brother Suresh both got scouted. Manish was 16 so he got selected for the under 19 national football team. Suresh was only 8 so he got selected in the school squad for under 11. Manish kept playing for the national squad, but their father told Suresh to stop sports as his grades were deteriorating. Suresh spent 2 years focusing on studies, during this period he wasn't allowed to play sports. He was very sad he became jealous of his brother. His brother told him that he should organize his time to get better grades. He listened to his brother's advice and his grades became very good. His dad was happy about this and let Suresh join sports again.

A few years later they found themselves playing in the world cup. Everyone was surprised that India had qualified for the football world cup. They had made their way through the cup and were now playing against Argentina in the finals. They both were very scared. Argentina's lineup was very strong having Messi and Dybala. After the first half, they were losing 2-0, they did not lose hope. Suresh scored a Goal to make it 2-1 it was the last minute. Manish had to take a free kick enormous pressure was on him as he was the one who could make India win or lose. The referee's whistle blew he told a small prayer and shot the ball it beautifully curved and made its way inside the goal.

Now it was extra time both teams weren't allowing each other to score but a sudden counter attack struck Argentina. Suresh and Manish both dribbled their way towards the goal a beautiful cross was from Suresh and Manish shot the winning goal. Everyone was in super celebration. This was the first time India had ever won the world cup. Their parents were more proud than they had ever imagined. Now they both learnt a lesson that we should never give up at all no matter what the situation may be.

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