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“Alone At Home” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Husseinali Shariff, Al Muntazir Boys Primary School, Tanzania.

Alone At Home

One evening my father had to go to the restaurant as his friend had invited him. My mum also had to go to my grandmother’s house and my siblings were also going with her. I was left alone at home. Usually I had a maid at night. But the problem was that it was a Sunday. Bad luck for me! I was so scared at the thought of being left home alone.

As the light kept on getting dimmer through the window. My heart beat was getting faster and faster and suddenly I heard a creepy noise and it was coming from my room. I slowly went towards my room and I saw nothing unusual. I felt like a fool but suddenly another sound started from the kitchen. It sounded like a magnet attracting a metal. I thought that it was just a steel utensil making that noise, but as I went to the kitchen, I saw something like a small ball that was actually just a mouse stealing my cheese.

I switched on the lights and set my mouse trap to capture the mouse and prevent it from stealing my cheese. I donated a piece of my cheese to use as bait for the trap. I waited for the mouse to get into the trap. My heart started beating so fast out of anger at the mouse stealing my cheese.

Lost in my own thoughts, I suddenly heard another sound but luckily it was just the mouse trap holding the cause to my cheese disappearance. Got rid of the mouse and heaved a sigh of relief. Suddenly the doorbell rang, and thoughts started creeping up my mind, was it a thief? No! Thieves don’t come through doors. I slowly opened the door and gave a scream of delight. It was my mum! I have never been so happy. I told my mum about my adventure. She promised never to leave me alone again. And she never did!

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