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My Alameda Fair day

“My Alameda Fair day” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Kavya Potnis, Lammersville Unified School District, USA.

My Alameda Fair day

My Fair Day was awesome. We first went to a dinosaur show, which describes facts about dinosaur. Did you know, dinosaurs also lived in the ocean? We also got chance to rode on a dinosaur two times. It was so fun! I also rode on a frog. Then, we went on all the rides. They were super duper fun! In the bouncy house I ran up and down, up and down. I had so much fun; I did not want to go home even though I had to take a shower. That day was my lucky day.

There was also a toy shop, but we didn’t buy anything. I didn’t like anything in there. I just looked around then we went on another ride. But the line was so long that we went on another fantastic ride. We went on it two times. My baby brother also went, but he was scared. Then it was time to go home. I did not want to go home! It was so fun. But then my grandpa and my brother had wandered off somewhere else! We had a hard time finding him. We searched everywhere. We went to the dinosaur show but they were not there. Then we went into the dinosaur rides hall, but they were not there. We searched everywhere. So me and my grandmother waited at the dinosaur show while my dad searched the dinosaur rides. It took really a long time. For me, it was like a hundred hours.

Finally my dad came out and my grandpa was holding my brother. We chatted for a long time. It was a hard time finding and searching and, well, you get the idea. On the way home I thought, “Whew! I’m glad that that’s done! I had a good time. Oh no! I also have to take a shower! Silly me! I forgot that!” See you next time my friends!

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