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Over the Rainbow

“Over the Rainbow” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Toko Achiwa, Honcho Elementary School, Japan.

Over the Rainbow

The pumpkin gold sun was setting, and the scarlet flowers were beginning to close their petals. The sweet scent of fragrant flowers perfumed the air, and a cool breeze gently blew into the meadow grass. Rosanna stood quietly in the meadow. She was very cold, as she was only wearing a silk robe and slippers. Although the magnificent sight would soothe everyone who looked at it, Rosanna did not feel comforted by the spectacular scene. She glumly sat down in the dirt.

It had all happened three months ago. Her mother, father, and Ruth, her sister, went shopping to London, while Rosanna stayed home. Ruth told her that they would come home by 3 o'clock. They did not. At half past eight, her aunt Auntie Emma told her on the telephone that her mother, father, and sister had been killed by runaway lion from the Big Tiara Circus. Rosanna had cried all through the night. The next day, an earthquake hit Rosanna's neighborhood. Rosanna had run with a food supply and pocket watch diary. She had come to the meadow and was living there. Rosanna ate her thin slice of bread for dinner and laid her rosy red sleeping bag to sleep in. She snuggled up in her silky blanket. She felt warm, but her heart was not warmed up. She felt asleep minutes later.

When Rosanna woke up next morning, a dazzling golden sun was beginning to rise. The crimson flowers were all ready for a new fresh day. Rosanna pulled on her silk robe and ate a slice of bread. She then opened her diary. In the secret compartment, there was a heart carved out of a big diamond. For a long time, she set gazing at her family treasure. Suddenly, a beautiful rainbow shot out of the diamond and stretched over the sparkling azure sky. Over the twinkling rainbow, Rosanna saw her family's smiles for one tiny moment. She had not prayed or said anything to God in a long time, but now she did. She thanked God for keeping her family safe in heaven and for keeping her well and happy in the meadow. From that day on, Rosanna became kind and lovely girl with a tender heart who cared about everyone as well as God. She had a pretty smile and welcomed everybody into the meadow to play with her.

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