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The Tale of Three Friends

“The Tale of Three Friends” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Nicholas Phan Yik Ming, Sri KDU Primary School, Malaysia.

The Tale of Three Friends

There were three best friends who liked to travel once the clock struck one. There were many places waiting to be discovered. The three friends dreamed of discovering all the places that were undiscovered.

The first friend whose name was Nelson was a combative man who liked to fight for prizes.

The second friend whose name was Praveen was an arrogant man who liked to humiliate others.

The third friend was the youngest yet, the wisest and the most honest was named Daniel.

The trio met when they were walking back home. And they found out that they had similar hobbies and had many things in common so they became best friends who helped one another.

The trio set off to a forest in Albania. A cold breeze made Daniel freeze. “How much longer are we going to walk!” complained Daniel? “Just a little bit more” replied Nelson. “Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!” exclaimed Praveen.

Praveen had fell down a pit full of quicksand. He panicked and sank deeper. He drowned while struggling to get out of the quicksand. Nelson and Daniel watched in their horror. “We better leave.” said Nelson. “I think it’s better to find shelter instead.” said Daniel “We are horribly exposed” They set up tents and slept until they heard a noise saying: “Ha ha ha! Catching that boy was a piece of cake. We better get back to the factory to see that slave working till midnight. “Yeah” said another voice and if he does not work he shall be executed by the executioner.” “Ha ha ha!” the two men laughed.

The two friends went out of their tent and followed the two men to a village. “According to my calculations, we are 2 meters away from where we started,” said Daniel. They followed the two men to a gold mine in the village and a hard hit on their heads made them both unconscious They awoke to find them both in a cell with iron bars and their hand was tied up against a strong metal bar. They were in a tunnel under the pizzeria that they had explored before. They saw Praveen being whipped continuously. His screams were getting louder each time he was hit. He was forced to push a cart of gold towards a top secret lab. “Did you have a good sleep?” said a familiar cackling voice. It was Foxy. They last saw him while they were exploring the abandoned pizzeria and escaped him. Now his eye was broken and his mechanical throat was ripped out. His claw was replaced with an axe and his sharp teeth was drenched with mucus and blood.“It had been a while since we last met….” “I really wanted to kill you since you last escaped me…. Does this scar looks familiar to you?”

They recognized the scar right away. Nelson made the scar with the help of a sharp, silver sword.

“Now that I caught that friend of yours, do you think you can escape me? Well, I think not.

They saw two more familiar figures. It was Pennywise the Dancing Clown and Freddy Fazbear. Both of them were cackled at Daniel and Nelson.

Pennywise grinned at them. His legs were replaced with spider legs. Freddy was grinning at them too. The microphone that he used to hold was gone. Instead, he had a whip.

“So that was the person who whipped Praveen.” Whispered Nelson “I am so angry that I could give Foxy another scar!” “Shhhh.” Whispered Daniel. “He will hear you.”

“Bring Daniel to nail him on the cross.” Said Foxy “I would kill Nelson myself.”

If Pennywise or Freddy were confused, they hid their confusion and whipped Daniel out of the room. Soon, the only ones left inside were Foxy and Nelson. Foxy opened his jaw but Nelson got hold of a spear and the two begin to fight. It was terrifying and noisy. Their strength was equal. Nelson was bitten in the arm and Foxy’s arm was slashed off.

Foxy was annoyed that he could not win easily so that he summoned a group animatronics that were injured by Nelson when he last went into the pizzeria. One of the animatronics was undamaged yet recognizable. It was the one and only Purple Guy. Deadly and horrible, he lurks in the pizzeria invisible. He grinned and with a snap of his fingers, Praveen, Daniel and Nelson were teleported to the game of FNAF 2. Then they heard Purple Guy’s voice saying: “You are in a game called FNAF 2. Die and we will make you an animatronic. HA HA HA!!!!!” Daniel who hands were nailed but bandaged, hit the doors as hard as he could but he failed. “I think we have to play our way through.” Said Nelson. Praveen grinned. Playing games is his thing.

He checked the spot where Foxy laid. He was there with his axe and broken eye. He had an evil grin. (Who knew what wasup his sleeve?)

He slowly checked the cameras one by one. All the animatronics had evil grins. (Who knows what is up to their sleeve!) Daniel checked the doors as quick as he could.As soon as possible they were in Night three. Nelson got a bite, (probably the bite of 87) Daniel got a cut and Praveen got a scar.

So far so good until Purple guy shown up. Purple guy ran after them. They ran towards the exit. They reached it. All was black.

They woke up. They were actually playing FNAF 2 and they fell asleep!

They said goodbye to each other and walked back home.

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